3 TOUGH Bodyweight Ab Exercises – That Actually Work!

If you want the leanest and strongest midsection possible …

You gotta:

1 – Ditch traditional moves like crunches and sit ups

2 – Work your abs from three different angles

There is a new type of ab training that I want to share with you today that does all of these things … but before we get to that, here are three TOUGH bodyweight ab exercises for you to incorporate into your routine:

1 – Spiderman Push Ups

This is what we would call an “indirect ab exercise” – that is, you are working your entire body, but in order to do it properly, your abs MUST stay engaged, HARD, throughout the move.

2 – Hanging Leg Raises

This is one of my favorites. Just a few reps and you’ll be feeling it not only in your abs, but in your entire body … and you’ll build an incredibly strong core in the process.

3 – Outside Mountain Climbers

To really hit your abs with these, do them for speed and intensity. Keep your core right throughout the move, and you’ll really start feeling it in just 10-12 seconds!

Okay – so as you can see, each one of these moves targets your abs in a different way. The spiderman push up hits them indirectly, the hanging leg raise directly, and the final move, outside mountain climbers, hits them with intensity.

It’s a new and unique way to train your abs … and it’s called Hybrid Ab Training.

=> Find out more about Hybrid Ab Training and why you should be using it in your workouts here

To sum up, if you are looking to get the strongest and leanest abs ever, you want to ditch traditional moves like crunches and sit ups, and encorportate the “three- dimentional” ab training approach discussed in this article.

The three ab exercises I shared with you today are a great place to start … and if you want to learn more about the Hybrid Ab Training method, click HERE.

Train hard, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

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