Thank you!

It’s Monday … and I’m fired up and ready to rock this day out!

Every morning, first thing, I read something positive and inspirational.

Then I reflect on the previous day – what went well, and what could have been improved .

I also write down at least three things I am grateful for.

One thing I am SO grateful for, and I think about this every single day, is being able to do something I really enjoy, help tens of thousands of people around the world in the process, and to able to make a living doing it!

This would not be possible without YOU – whether you just read my daily emails, buy an occasional workout program of mine or one I recommend, participate in one of my online coaching programs, or train in person at our facility in Sacramento, CA.


Got lots of great stuff coming your way this week, including:

— New bodyweight workouts that US marines use to get into top shape
— For fit pros, awesome new report on – “The 3 Step Fitness Business Funnel That Sells Like Crazy”
— New nutrition hacks to take your fat loss results to the next level
— For folks local to the Sacramento, CA area, more on our upcoming Mud Run Training program

Thanks again, and let’s make it a great one!

– Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PPC

PS – Have you voted for us as “Best Personal Trainer” in Sacramento on the KCRA A-list yet?

It only takes a second – please go and do it now!

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PPS – On my business blog,, I occasionally post about what I’m working on, what’s working in my various business ventures, etc … if you’re a fit pro yourself, check it out and register for updates at the link below:


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