FREE 10 Minute Bodyweight Workout Video

I know Mondays can be crazy with work, family obligations, etc …

So today, I wanted to hook you up with a sweet workout that will:

— Tone your entire body from head to toe
— Burn fat with ZERO equipment (you can do it right at home)
— Take up the SMALLEST amount of your time as possible – while still delivering great results (only 10-minutes)

There is actually is a CRAZY story behind this one, too … which I’ll get to in just a second … but first, let’s crank this workout:

My friend Derek Wahler filmed this just a month after having emergency surgery on his stomach and small intestine …

It’s a CRAZY story, and you can read the whole thing HERE.

So if he can push through it, I know you can too.

If you like the workout video and want over 20 more, strategically placed in a 29-day plan that requires ZERO equipment and will flatten your stomach WITHOUT any cardio, then you’ll want to check out Derek’s workout program at the link below:

=> 29 Day Flat Stomach Formula

You can see Derek’s before and after pics and a LOT more on at the link above … it’s some very inspiring and motivating stuff!

So that’s it for now … I have a lot going on today too, so gotta run 🙂

Try the workout, check out Derek’s program if you’re interested, and have an awesome day!

Train hard, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC


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