Dangerous KB Mistakes + Zero Equipment Weekend Workout

Happy Friday!

Just finished up a couple of training sessions at the FVT studio this morning:

Now I’m doing a bit of writing, got a couple of phone calls to hop on … then it’s a break to hit my own personal workout, eat lunch … and then I’ll be back for a couple more training sessions this afternoon to finish off the day!

How about you? What do you got planned for the rest of your Friday, and the weekend ahead?

Couple of things for you in today’s message. First, quick reminder on the sale we got going this week on my “Top 13 Kettlebell Training Mistakes – and How to Fix Them!” program.

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In this e-manual and 13 video series, you’ll discover over a dozen KB mistakes and how to fix them, including:

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The secret technique to ensure you learn each kettlebell exercise correctly – most people miss this, and don’t get all they could out of their KB training.
Why most people mess up the swing and do it wrong – and how to fix it – you’ll be able to do perfect swings, every time!
Simple steps to master the Turkish get up – so that you can do the exercise with confidence and enjoy all the benefits it brings.
How to avoid whacking and bruising your forearms on the KB clean – save your arms and perfect this basic kettlebell exercise.
A simple way to instantly boost your KB pressing power 10-20% – get stronger and gain muscle faster than ever before.
How to do perfect snatches, every time – master this movement once and for all!

And we have it on sale this week, at over 50% off.  If you’re looking to learn how to use kettlebells safely and effectively, you should def check this out:

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I also got a weekend workout for you.  I know not EVERYONE likes training w KBs, so here’s a workout that requires NO equipment.  You can do this one ANYWHERE in about 20 minutes:

Here’s how it goes:

– Do a three to five minute general warm up, including foam rolling, joint mobility, and dynamic stretch
– Set your timer for 20 minutes
– Start the workout by fast walking, jogging or running about 1/4 mile
– After 1/4 mile, stop and do 20 body weight squats
– Continue in this same fashion – alternating walking, jogging or running about 1/4 mile and stopping for a body weight – based exercise.
– The moves you’ll rotate through for the rest of the 20 minutes: 12 push ups, 10 lunges each side, 30 second plank hold, 5 pull ups (I like to do this workout in a park so I can just find a soccer goal, pull up bar, sturdy tree branch, etc to do my pull ups from)

Okay, that’s it for today.  Check out the 13 KB Mistakes program if it interests you, try the workout above, and have a great weekend!

– Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PPC

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