10 Banned Chemicals Still in the U.S. Food Supply (and 6 ways to AVOID them for good)

Got a guest article for you today from my friend Sayan Sarkar.

This is an EYE OPENING article to say the least. You’ll likely never look at food, much of it that you probably eat every day, the same way again!

– Forest


There are several chemicals that companies use in processed foods to “improve” their flavor and texture.

This is all despite being nearly BANNED by the United Nations, the European Union and numerous other countries around the world.

Basically, there are tons of studies suggesting serious health problems from these chemicals…

But the United States has not taken steps to remove them chemicals from our food supply, even while most other developed countries have done so for years!

Here’s a list of highly questionable chemicals currently allowed in American foods that you should stay away from for a healthy, fit body and mind:

1. Azodicarbonamide.

This is a “dough conditioner” that creates even air pockets within dough, giving industrial-processed foods a light, fluffy, fresh-baked texture.

Unfortunately, it is also used to create foamed plastics, causes asthma and allergic reactions, is a well-known carcinogen and is illegal in the U.K., across Europe and in Australia.

2. BHA and BHT.

These are two chemicals often used in potato chips, breakfast cereals and sausages. The trouble is, studies from the U.S. National Toxicology Program show they are carcinogenic and raise a person’s risk of getting cancer if they are ingested. BHA and BHT are banned in Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and all across Europe.

3. Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH).

These are lab-made hormones administered to cows in the United States that makes them produce more milk. Unfortunately, it also makes them more susceptible to disease, causing farmers to subsequently pump the cows full of antibiotics. Those antibiotics find their way into our bodies through milk, and can lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria and other health problems.

4. Blue Dye #1.

Also called Brilliant Blue, this chemical has been linked in scientific studies with allergies, learning disabilities, aggressiveness and irritability in children. It is used to “improve” the look of foods like ice cream, peas, icings and certain liqueurs, but is banned in most of Europe.

5. Yellow Dye #5.

Found in cheese-flavored crackers, chips, pudding, etc…this dye is also known as tartrazine and deteriorates a person’s DNA – making it dangerous not only to a human being, but to their potential future children, as well.

This is why you MUST eat clean, use natural herbs, and take other measures that remove chemicals and toxins from your body.

6. Yellow Dye #6.

This other yellow dye is found in breakfast cereals, Eggo waffles, American cheese and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese boxed dinners. They were banned in Northern Europe after being linked to adrenal and kidney tumors in rats.

7. Astaxanthin.

Found primarily in farm-raised salmon, whose diets give them an unappetizing gray color of flesh (instead of the healthy pink found in wild salmon), astaxanthin is a petrochemical (meaning it’s derived from oil) that’s used to turn farmed salmon meat pink. Astaxanthin has not been approved for human consumption, and is banned in Australia and New Zealand.

8. Brominated Vegetable Oil.

Usually found in Gatorade, Squirt, Sprite and other citrus-flavored soft drinks and energy drinks, brominated vegetable oil (BVO) was originally a flame-retardant chemical. In large doses, it’s been shown to cause reproductive and behavioral harm to animals, and is banned in most of Europe.

9. Arsenic.

This infamous poison is regularly fed to poultry in the United States to make them grow more quickly, and make the meat appear more pink and fresh.

The reasoning the FDA uses to keep it legal in the United States is that organic arsenic is less dangerous than inorganic arsenic, so only organic arsenic is allowed to be used. The European Union says, “Arsenic is arsenic, and it doesn’t belong in food.”

10. Potassium Bromate.

This is another additive to breads, like azodicarbonamide, but its point is to make bread “enriched” with potassium – a vital nutrient. The problem is, potassium bromate has been linked to kidney damage, nervous system damage, thyroid problems and cancer. It is banned in Canada, China and the European Union but is still used as an “enrichment” here in the States.


6 Simple Steps To AVOID Fat-Storing Chemicals

The Curcumin extract in InvigorateNOW is a proven way to fight back against chemicals and toxins causing inflammation and damaging your liver

#1: Get back to a natural, paleo-style diet. Cut out all processed & packaged foods, and stick to pure, unadulterated foods like meats, veggies, fruit, etc. (a.k.a. the stuff you’ll find on the perimeter of grocery stores, rather than inside the aisles).

#2: Choose organic foods whenever possible. If you’re on a budget, only buy organic fruits & veggies that have the highest levels of pesticides/chemicals. You can check the “Dirty Dozen” by EWG online for this, or just remember this: if the skin is exposed, buy organic. If not, buy the regular stuff.

#3: Eat naturally raised meats/fish. This includes grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken/turkey/fowl, and wild-caught fish.

#4: Opt for organic dairy (and grass-fed if possible…and raw milk, which is not as harmful as we’ve been told)

#5: Eat fresh or frozen foods instead of canned foods. Stop using plastics (instead use Pyrex glass), and use BPA-free water bottles

#6: Use natural, science-backed herbs — especially ones that are proven to flush out chemicals from the liver, reduce chronic inflammation and control blood sugar spikes.

(These are the “3 hidden triggers” that keep most Americans fat.)

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Sayan Sarkar Bio

Sayan is a “former fat guy turned fit pro” who has successfully lost 76 pounds & eliminated his chronic lower back and shoulder pain. After fluctuating between overweight and obese his whole life, he spent 8 and half years trying but failing to lose weight.

He soon stumbled upon a set of 3 fat “triggers” which he realized were keeping him fat and sick all through the years. Once he figured how to overcome them…well the rest is history!

Now, Sayan is founder of Invigorate Now, Inc., a health & wellness company dedicated to helping tens of thousands of men & women shed the fat clothes and discover the body they’ve always wanted. He’s written for the Huffington Post, Alternative Medicine and other media. Plus, he is the inspiration behind the all-natural InvigorateNOW weight loss supplement and is author of the short, but to-the-point 14 Day Rapid Results Plan.

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