How to Use Weekend “Fun Food” to Speed Up Fat Loss (3 tricks)

If you do great during the week with your diet … but sabotage yourself every weekend … I got good news for ya.

Your weekend “fun food” can actually speed up fat loss!

The concept is called “diet intervals”.

See, every fitness expert out there talks about how you must cut 500 calories or more from your diet each day to lose fat.

For most people, this is easier during the week – Monday through Friday – because you’re in your regular routine. You’re busy, you’re focused – and this makes it more do-able.

But then the weekend comes … and you’re OUT of your regular routine. You had a stressful week, and you don’t want to think about dieting … because, frankly, “dieting” is exhausting too!

So today, I got three tricks for you to use “diet intervals” for the easiest diet plan of 2015:

1 – Look at weekly, NOT daily, calorie intake

No matter how you slice it, the reality is that you MUST have a calorie deficit to lose fat.

You can do this daily … but wouldn’t it be easier if you set yourself free on the weekends, the three days you find it most difficult to “diet”?

Then, you could focus Monday – Thursday … and the end result would be the same (two to three pounds of fat loss per week) … but likely WAY easier to stick to.

=> How to Use Weekend “Fun Food” to Speed Up Fat Loss

2 – Avoid cheat days 

When it comes to most diets that allow for a “cheat day”, many folks end up BINGE eating, trying to get it all in. And it makes sense … you won’t be “allowed” to eat your favorite foods for another week!

Plus you end up feeling bad about it afterwards, which kinda defeats the whole purpose of having a cheat day in the first place.

Instead, spread your rewards and favorite foods over the span of THREE days.

For example:

– Friday night – pizza
– Saturday night – ice cream
– Sunday – your favorite burger joint

You’ll end up actually eating LESS – AND knowing you have the entire weekend to enjoy your favorite foods!

=> See how you can enjoy your weekends AND still lose up to three pounds per week here

3 – Use shorts “bursts” for your diet, just like exercise

The idea here is pretty simple – you go “hard” Monday – Thursday.

This is NOT starving yourself or anything like that … it means stick to eating fats, proteins and carbs in a way that triggers the release of stored fat.

When you do this after a reward weekend, it is actual ideal because your leptin levels (the hormones that burn fat) will actually be at their HIGHEST, and will last about four days.

Then when Friday hits, you “reset” your leptin levels again (but not all in one day). You get to increase your leptin levels the entire weekend, but without the binging!

To sum up, if you’re looking to lose fat while still enjoying your weekend “fun” foods, this is a great approach for you. For a detailed plan and approach on exactly how to set this up, click the link below:

=> EASIEST diet of 2015 – get the weekends off!

Thanks for reading, train hard, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance
Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

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