3 Plank Variations you HAVE to Try

Today, I have 3 AWESOME new plank variations for you to try!

Now hopefully this goes without saying … but you need to be able to do a standard plank with perfect form FIRST, before trying these more advanced variations.

We see a lot of folks want to jump ahead to some of these moves before they are really ready, just because they are “cool” and fun or whatever … but there is a LOT of value in learning and mastering the basic plank FIRST.

On to 3 Plank Variations you HAVE to Try:

1 – the spiderman plank

Get into a front plank position on your forearms … externally rotate at one hip and bring the knee up to the same elbow. Do this for reps, alternating legs each time.

2 – the side plank with a hip lift

Get into a side plank position … this one can be done from the knees OR the toes. Now, you’ll just raise your top leg up and down for reps, keeping all the muscles in your body tight, and everything nice and locked in.

3 – the plank jack

This is like a jumping jack, done from a plank position. A great move to strengthen the core, but also will give you a great conditioning challenge at the same time.

I show the variation done from the “high plank” position … you can also do it on the forearms / elbows, this will make it tougher.

There you have three killer plank variations for added challenge and variety in your core training routine. Start mixing those into your ab workout a few times each week and you’ll have that lean, strong, defined midsection ready to rock in no time!

Thanks for watching, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

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