San Diego Body Weight Workout

Headed down to the San Diego area this weekend for the Progressive Calisthenics cert … looking forward a TON of body weight exercise over the next three days, as well as lots of learning and connecting with like-minded fitness folks!

Check out this video to see what the PCC is all about:

Been chatting with clients, friends, etc over the last couple days about the cert and exactly what we’ll be doing while we’re there (it’s all about progressions and body weight exercise for all levels, but we’ll work up to some pretty advanced stuff) … and it’s got me thinking …

If your goal is to be a fit, athletic person who can call themselves “in shape”, I believe you should have a mastery of the body weight basics.

You don’t need to be able to do one arm pull ups and human flags … but things like:

– full squats
– push ups
– pull ups
– handstand holds on the wall
– hanging knee raises
– lunges in all directions
– running
– jumping
– etc

Should be in your skill set, if you want to call yourself “fit”.

If you CAN’T do all the stuff on the list above, you need to:

1) Get stronger

Start working on and building up your strength. It’s a matter of practice and putting in the time to get better and stronger at pull ups, handstands, one leg squats,etc.

Start with the tons of free body weight training tips, workouts, etc I have posted on my blog here:

And if you want a full training course, we got brand new follow along videos for the Body Weight Strong program FINALLY done …. and we’ll be making them available at the ‘presale’ price tomorrow! So pumped!! Keep an eye on your email inbox if you’re interested :)

2) Drop some weight

If you are carrying around extra lbs, losing body fat is something that will help your body weight training BIG time . It’s just that much more “dead weight” you have to lift and move around.

I’ve lost about four pounds and two and a half percent body fat over the last six weeks or so since I’ve really been training seriously for this coming weekend, and

I’m amazed at the difference just this small amount makes when it come to doing the basic body weight exercises.

Work on getting your DIET dialed in if you’re trying to get your weight under control.

Again, visit my blog and see lots of free meal planning and healthy eating tips in the archives … OR you can check out the ‘official’ FVT Fat Loss Meal Planning system HERE.

So that’s it for today – I am off to my cert. Just a quick message to get you thinking for the weekend – and beyond – about your own fitness and body weight exercise goals.

Thanks for reading, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance, MS, RKC II

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