Last Chance to Enroll in Coaching with Forest (three spots left)

How’s your week going so far?

We are busy as usual, getting ready for the big Grand Opening Party at our new gym on the 31st of this month.

Exciting stuff!

Wanted to shoot you a quick heads up message – I have three spots in my Elite Online Coaching program left, so if you’re considering it, now is the time. The three spots will likely be gone within a few hours of sending out this message – and once that happens, my schedule will be full for at least the next 90 days.

I know there are several folks (at least) who have expressed interest but are still “on the fence” as well … so if you have any specific questions or concerns, hit “reply” to this message and I’ll do my best to help!

I also made a quick video that goes into more detail on exactly what the program is and how it works – you can watch that here:

Here are details on the program:

1 – There is a LIMIT to how many people I can accept into the program. This is time – intensive for me (obviously) and so I can only help so many people in this capacity. I can only work with 10 folks at any one time.

2 – We are looking for folks who want to gain lean muscle, lose body fat, and feel great. Have some training experience but are looking to take it to the next level.

Ideally have a basic idea of how to do basic body weight movements and / or kettlebell exercises. No serious, major injuries or limitations with your workouts. Must have a positive attitude, commit to working HARD, and no whining 🙂

3 – Each month, you will get a detailed, personalized four week program to follow.

4 – Each month, you’ll also get a personalized nutrition plan based on your current physical state as well as your goals.

5 – You’ll get access to any and all of my programs you need and / or want to help you reach your goals faster

6 – The price will be fair, actually reasonable compared to comparable online coaching programs … and less than training with me in a one on one capcity in person … but it will NOT be cheap. This is for serious people only.

7 – It’s a 90 day commitment (3 month minimum)

On acceptance to the program, you’ll get assessment forms from me to fill out … then I’ll get working on your personalized workout and nutrition program and have it over to you ASAP so you can get started!!

I will require that you check in at least once a week with a specific log of your workouts, nutrition, etc (I’ll have a list of questions for you to go through and answer each week) … but you can email any time you have a question.

Again, as much as I would like to work with anyone and everyone, I simply can’t. I can only take 10 people at any one time in my online coaching program. It’s time intensive, and I will be designing customized programs for each person … so that’s all I can handle to start. And it’ll be first come first serve … so once those 10 spots are filled, that’s gonna be it. I won’t be able to take any more online coaching clients for likely several months.

If you feel like you fit the requirements above and you think you’re a good fit, fill out the application form below and we’ll see if we can get you in.

=> Apply for the FVT Online Coaching Program

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon –

– Forest

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