The Tale of Two Bootcampers

There were two bootcampers who started working out at the beginning of 2014.

Both were looking to lose about 25 pounds, “lean and tone”, get stronger, feel better, and improve their overall quality of life.

Both trained for a full 12 months to reach their goals.

One reached her initial goals and then some.  She lost 30 pounds, did her first pull up, has done several obstacle races over the last year, and is in the best shape of her life.

The other lost a few pounds, has gotten stronger, and feels a little better, but is still struggling to get the results she set out to accomplish in the beginning.

What’s the difference between the two bootcampers?

In one word – attitude.

The bootcamper that exceeded her goals and turned into a butt-kicker had plenty of set backs over the course of the year.  She had weeks where she didn’t lose weight.  She tweaked a muscle in her leg about six months in to the program, and got really sick a couple of times as well.  She had days where she didn’t feel like working out.  But she didn’t let those things hold her back.  She got her mind right and kept pushing through and kept a positive attitude as best she good and KEPT GOING.

The bootcamper that’s still struggling has let these little things get to her.  She makes a little bit of progress, but then she’ll go away for a week for work, get off the meal plan, stop working out, and take several steps back.  She shows up to her workouts in a bad mood sometimes, and complains about how hard the workout is and how tough the exercises are for her.  She pulled a muscle in her arm, and instead of staying active and keeping the workouts going and trying to work around the tweak, she took two weeks off, stopped training all together, ate poorly, and gained back the five pounds she worked so hard to lose the previous month.  The little things have added up over the course of the year, and have kept this bootcamper from getting the results she wants.

I made this story up.  These two bootcampers don’t actually exist.  But there is a lot of truth in it.  A positive attitude and a belief in yourself makes ALL the difference in whether you reach your goals or not.

So take an honest look YOUR attitude.  If you know it needs an adjustment, take this post to heart.  I’m giving it to you straight up today. But this is because I believe in you.  I KNOW you can do it.

Let’s start TODAY, and let nothing stop us!  It’s time to reach your ultimate fitness goals and make the progress you work so hard for and deserve!

Have a great Monday –

– Forest

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