How to Get Better at Burpees (part 2)

In the first installment of this ‘How to Get Better at Burpees’ series, we covered two tips – avoiding the “ground hump” and fixing the “awkward feet tuck” – to improve your burpees.

That first post was super popular, so today, I have another video for you to help you get better at burpees.

If you have a hard time transitioning from the push up / plank position on the ground to the point where you are standing up, this tip will help you a LOT.

That being said, you also want to be working on improving our form as outlined in part one, so that you DON’T have to use today’s tip forever. This is as much a modification as it is a tip to improve.

And finally, this tip is simple, but VERY powerful. Don’t make the mistake of dismissing it because you think it’s too basic.

All you are going to do is elevate your hands a bit while you do your burpees.

This could be on a bench if you need a bit more assistance, or dumbells if you need less. I use a Lebert Equalizer and a small tire in the video below. The idea is to shorten the distance you have to move through to get your feet back and back up. This helps you use good form even if your mobility and / or strength isn’t quite where you want it to be yet.

Watch this video to see me demonstrate what I’m talking about above:

That’s it for today’s tip. If you are looking to get better at burpees – and make the move safer and more effective for you if you’re still working up to the full version – try this simple modification to the exercise. And I think you’ll be very pleased with the results!!

Thanks, and talk soon –

– Forest

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PPS – If you missed part one of the how to get better at burpees series, you can see that here

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