56 “Trouble Fat Spot” Body Weight Only Workouts

EVEN if you are in relatively good shape … if I had to guess, I’m sure that you could point to an area (or two) on your body that needs a little more focus, and a little more work.

IF so, you will love these 56 “Trouble Fat Spot” Body Weight Only Workouts.

There are:

– ab workouts
– glute workouts
– calve workouts
– back workouts
– leg workouts
– chest workouts
– arm workouts

And each program contains 7 different workouts you can use for TARGETED results.

PLUS … the workouts are 100% body weight, and take less than 15 minutes to complete.

=> Get the 56 “trouble fat spot” workouts here

Here’s a sample arm workout for you to try from the program:


Workout #3 – Superhero Arms

Complete each exercise below back-to-back without rest. Between full rounds, rest 30 seconds and complete 4 TOTAL rounds!

– close grip push ups – 15 reps
– pull ups – 10 reps
– wide grip push ups – 15 reps
– chin ups – 10 reps
– dips – 10 reps
– outside mountain climbers – 10 reps each side


Last thing – these workouts are available ONLY this week, as part of my friend Dennis Heenan’s Superhero Body: Bodyweight Edition program.

If you have at least one “trouble fat” area on your body, this bonus will be a life saver ;)

=> Get the 56 “trouble fat spot” workouts here

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, RKC II

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