Barbell Back Squat Technique Tips

Barbell back squats ROCK for getting big and strong.

For putting on RAPID mass – not just in the lower body, but on your ENTIRE frame – they are hard to beat.

They were a staple of my personal training program for years. I did a set of 15 with 405, and over 600 pounds for a single in my prime.

I say this not to brag, but to qualify myself for giving you training advice on the movement ;)

Nowadays I blend basic barbell lifts with KBs and body weight training for the best of ALL worlds … but I feel that folks who have the mobility and strength to handle back squats, and whose goals include strength and mass, should include back squats in their programming at least some of the time.

In today’s video I share some basic technique tips that will help you keep the exercise safe, while at the same time allowing you to handle maximum weight, and get the most training effect from it that you possibly can:

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Train hard, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance, MS, RKC II

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