Halloween Body Weight Cardio Workout (burn 229 calories in 15 minutes)

We have a whiteboard at our gym where every couple of weeks, we put up a new body weight – based cardio / conditioning workout for folks to do outside of their regularly scheduled boot camp sessions. It has been a big hit.

People really like the idea of getting some extra work in outside of their two, three or four boot camp workouts every week. And it’s a lot more fun – and productive! – to do a workout like the one it today’s article, instead of more “traditional” cardio training like running on the treadmill or peddaling away on the eliptical machine.

Today’s article is from my friend Ben Teal, and in it he talks about how to replace cardio and get more work done in less time with something called Metabolic Shred Circuits.

Enjoy! And Happy Haloween!!

– Forest


How to Kick Cardio to the Curb, Have More Fun And Target Your Fat Zones
– Ben Teal, 7-Day Simplified Fat Loss System

Here’s the deal. I would much rather do Metabolic Shred circuits than cardio. They’re more fun. And they take less time.

But one question I get often is “How can I replace my cardio routine with these shred circuits?”

That’s like asking me “How can I take my current workouts and cover them with a thick layer or hot and spicy awesomesauce?”

What if I told you that you could burn more calories and get a bigger metabolic boost in less time?

And imagine what how much easier life would get if you didn’t need to spend hours in the gym (or even go to the gym at all).

How would you use your newly found free time?

And how would you show off your new, slim, sexy body?

Think about that for a second.

Now, here’s the exact workout I did to burn 229 calories in less than 15 minutes (without equipment).

This one is called “The 9′s”. This is not an easy 15 minutes – but it’s a lot more fun than staring at a treadmill screen for an hour!

You simply want to do each exercise in succession – one right after the other – with minimal rest between exercises (I usually rest about 5 to 10 seconds – just enough
time to move to the next exercise).

Do 9 reps of each exercise (there are 9 exercises).

Rest 30 seconds after each round. Repeat 3 to 5 times.

– Prisoner Lunge
– Seal Jacks
– Pull Ups
– “Perfect” Push Ups
– Jumping Jacks
– Prisoner Squats
– Feet Elevated Push Ups
– Full Body Extension
– “Frogger” (this is a fun exercise – you simply pretend you’re a frog and jump forward. Saying “ribbit” is optional!)

I did this workout in just under 15 minutes and incinerated 229 calories.

*Forest here – check out the video below to see ME going through a round of the workout – so you can see how to do all of the exercises:

Why is this type of workout so effective?

It’s a study in productivity. You can crank up the intensity without killing any one muscle group. This allows you burn more calories faster because you are cycling
through all of the muscle groups.

This type of metabolic workout also cranks up the after burn effect much, much higher than slow cardio on the treadmill so you burn more calories once the workout
has stopped.

Give this workout a try today to burn some extra calories and get an extra workout in over this holiday weekend, and let me know how it goes for you!

And Happy Halloween!!

– Ben Teal, author, 7-Day Simplified Fat Loss System

PS – If you want to maximize success, you need to do workouts like this not as a “one-off” sort of event, but as part of a comprehensive plan. You need to fit a
workout like this into an overall training scheme. You need to make sure your nutrition is dailed in. And more.

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