Game-Day Stadium Workout (takes less than 30 mins!)

It’s so important to figure out what INSPIRES you in your training, and to DO THAT on a regular basis.

End goals like fat loss, lean muscle gain, etc are great, and necessary really for maximum results … but so is getting fired up and attacking your daily workouts
with a passion.

I went out to and cranked a workout at the Stadium that’s a few miles away from my gym at lunch time yesterday, and it FIRED ME UP … I felt like I was back training as an athlete again.

I made my way up and down the stadium steps sprinting, jumping, and bounding, and did different body weight exercise variations in between.

So it looked like:

– Sprint up the steps
– Do a plank hold for 30 seconds at the top
– Jog down the steps and to the next row
– Do 15 prisoner squats at the bottom
– Bound up the steps (2 steps at a time)
– Do 10 recline rows off a railing at the top
– Jog down the steps and to the next row
– Do 10 lunges each leg at the bottom

And I continued in this fashion all the way around the stadium.

THEN, once I had completed a full “lap” (took me about 15 or 17 mins), I finished with this AT2 sequence:

Every time the clock hits “00”, perform the exercises below. Start by doing 4 reps on each exercise and then ADD 1 rep each new round (or minute). Whatever time you
have remaining in the minute is your rest period.


– 4 Burpees
– 4 Pushups
– 4 Squat Jumps

Clock Hits 1:00

– 5 Burpees
– 5 Pushups
– 5 Squat Jumps

Etc … until I completed all 11 minutes.

AWESOME stuff.

So what’s your motivation? What makes you train hard and be passionate to get better and be better, every day?

Find it and you’ll take your workouts – and results – to the next level, guaranteed!

Have a great weekend –

– Forest Vance

PS – The new Online Coaching program I opened up last week is ROCKING, having SO much fun putting together custom workouts and nutrition plans for different goals, and
interacting on a whole new level with super cool people from all around the world!!

We did fill up all 10 initial spots early last week … but one person ended up having to put their training on hold due to being on extended holiday out of the
country … and another person had an injury that ended up meaning they also had to pull out of the program.

SO … moral of the story is … I have a single spot in the coaching program that is now open. If you are interested, please go HERE, read more details about the program, and if you feel it’s a good fit for you, fill out THIS application. The first person to reply gets the final spot!

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