Kick A@@ 8 Minute Zero Equipment Workout (new video)

Getting ready for a quick trip to Vegas to mastermind – meet, plan, strategize for the next 90 days – with some fitness business friends.

One thing I make a priority when I’m travelling is getting a morning workout in. If there’s a gym in the hotel I’m staying at, I take advantage of that. If not, I’ll typically set up my iPad with my Beats Bill and hit up a body weight follow – along video workout.

Here’s what I plan on doing tomorrow morning:


Turbine of the Day #8 – from Jason Klein’s Marine Body program

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If you:

– Travel
– Have access to limited / zero equipment
– Have limited time to train, but want a great workout
– Want the power and motivation and energy of a follow – along video

Try the workout in the video above – it’s perfect for ‘ya! ;)

Train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, RKC II

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