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** 8.28.14 Update **

We’ve gone through and selected a winner from all of the incredible contest entries.

My assistant wanted me to pass along that it was SUPER tough for her to pick just one person.

I want every single person who entered the contest to know that your feedback is VERY valuable … and I will be taking what you’ve mentioned about your goals, frustrations, etc. and using it for creation of future articles, videos and products.

Again, THANK YOU – I am overwhelmed by the response!!

SO … the moment you’ve all been waiting for … Tiffany Ehrmantraut is our big winner!! Please email Sabrina at fvtcustomerservice (at) gmail (dot) com to claim your free copy.

ALSO – even if you didn’t win – the program is now officially on sale, and you can grab your copy now at a great price for the next few days.  Learn more about the program and get your copy HERE.

Thanks, and talk soon –

– Forest


As you’ve probably heard by now, we welcomed a new member of the Vance clan, a beautiful baby girl, into the world on August 7th, 2014!!

And in celebration of this great event, I’ve decided to put ALL of my best-selling programs up for sale – in an “FVT Mega Bundle” package – at over 60% off!!

This mega-bundle includes:

— Kettlebell Challenge Workouts 2.0

— Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts

— Body Weight Strong 2.0

— Kettlebell Basics Premium Workouts

— The “Official” FVT Fat Loss Meal Plan

— Top 13 Kettlebell Training Mistakes and How to Fix Them

— Functional Flexibility Secrets

And More!!

This awesome package will be officially available in a few short days … but as we get the finishing touches of the delivery process ironed out, and simply as my of saying THANKS to YOU, a loyal FVT blog / newsletter reader, I’ve decided to give away a free copy of the program.

This is literally almost $300 worth of my workouts and programs … and you have the chance to a copy of the complete package, TOTALLY FREE.

All you have to do to win your copy is leave a comment on this post detailing your number one fitness goal … and your biggest obstacle/frustration/etc. that’s keeping you from accomplishing it.

I’ll have my assistant go through and pick the winning submission, so the contest is as fair as possible.  And all I’ll ask for is a little feedback from the winner after they’ve gone through the program, watched the videos and tried the workouts themselves.

Leave a comment below to get entered to win … and keep an eye on your e-mail inbox to get first word of the FVT Baby Sale!

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  • Steven Marsh

    To get the body and strength I had 20 years ago. Joint pain in elbows and knees plus old injuries are the biggest obstacles.

  • Immediate goal:
    Starting two regular small group training session for 8 to 10 people!
    -one for police officers
    -one for soccer moms

    How/where do I get started?


  • Rebecca

    Currently my number 1 fitness goal is to lose fat and gain muscle. My current goal is to lose 10lbs of fat in the next four weeks. My biggest obstacle is ME. There is always an excuse as to why I cannot workout today or why I want to eat a hamburger. Be it being too sore or having a hard day at work. To combat myself I have put in checks and balances in my day. I have friends check to make sure I worked out, put myself on a budget for food that doesn’t include money for fast food

  • Rick

    At 48 years of age, I have worked diligently to be in the best physical shape of my life and this has come at heavy costs. By utilizing basically the same routines over and over I am currently experiencing extreme joint pain (elbows and shoulders) but keep at it. My number one fitness goal is to educate myself on other methods to achieve results without the repetitive program that is certainly easier on my body. The biggest challenges I am faced with is that I had major knee surgery (ACL reconstruction and meniscus) three years ago and have gone on to have 3 knee surgeries which limits my exercise program. Although, pain is no longer an issue with day to day life; exercising does cause discomfort to the affected knee joint. I truly would like the opportunity to view your entire program and develop a program that would work for me.

  • Conji

    My number one fitness goal is to develop a regular and consistent routine of eating healthy and exercising, as to decrease my weight and improve my overall health. Although the BMI calculators and descriptors of good health would say that I’m overweight, I don’t look bad in my clothes. I am, however, carrying around more weight than I’m accustomed to. It’s starting to feel very heavy, slow me down, and give me aches and pains that I’m not accustomed to. My biggest barrier/obstacle is motivation and consistency. I live alone and don’t have anyone living close to me that is as motivated as I am, that would serve as a workout buddy. I go strong for a couple of weeks, then I lose motivation (which I usually hide with language like “get busy” or “I have a busy life/schedule”) and fall off the wagon for a good month or so. Sporadic exercise is not really beneficial. Plus, it hurts. It’s like starting over all the time, so I go through that initial soreness every time I get started again.

  • JOE

    My number one fitness goal? Well, after being a very active athlete, I let myself go. Got in the 300 lb range , ended up with heart disease, triple bypass -just a bunch of nasty problems. I have dieted and worked down to average now.

    My goal is to start playing hoop competitively again — to do that I need a lot more strength, full body. as basketball is far more than a game played with your legs. Core, posterior chain, anterior chain etc.

    My largest obstacle? Program drift. I have been drifting from one source to another as I look at what seems best for various body parts — the seesawing is stopping my hard work from paying off as I should.

    If I had a full battery from a single source, I think the integrated thoughts of a single provides would serve me far better. So the grouping of programs you offer — well, it seems like where I need to be pushed!

  • Erica W.

    My number 1 fitness goal is to be able to do Kettlebell routines 3-4 times a week. I really enjoy kettlebell exercises but it seems to be torture on my back. For example if I do a routine today, physically I’m in pain so it maybe another 4 days before I will do another KB workout. Hence, I feel that I’m starting over every time and not getting any results. I have a hard time just pushing through and jumping back in. 7 years ago I worked out 3 times a week without issue. I want to get back to that.

  • Dave

    My number one fitness goal is to get stronger. At 44, the only obstacle in my training is recovery. It takes a little longer than it used to!

  • David D'Angelo

    To finally see my abs at 50 years old:)
    Delicated to kettlebells and working on cleaning up my eating habits.
    I am a single father raised two daughtersages 23 and 20 and a grandfather of a 11 month old from my oldest
    I want to be around along time for them and some vanity for me. As my daughters say “you training hard to be the hottest grandpa in town”

  • Anne S.

    My biggest goal is to lose body fat and get down to 18% or lower and am currently at 24%. My biggest obstacle is diet and hormones as I am going through menopause. I would love to be able to get done to my goal and anything that will help would be appreciated. Thanks for the opportunity getting help with some or all of your programs. Congratulation on the birth of your daughter. Babies are one of God’s greatest gifts.

  • John

    Hi Forest,
    * Main aim now is to maintain, and perhaps, add muscle and strength whilst continuing to minimise body fat.
    * Main “obstacle” continues to be that most focus for trainers, in real life as well as on the internet, is on the younger members of society and rarely on the older trainees, incidentally perhaps those with most disposable income!

    Glad that you are enjoying the latest member of the family.

  • Glenn

    #1 fitness goal: improved health, primarily through improving body composition and mobility
    #1 obstacle: time and scheduling. I work a full time job, run a non-profit, and do volunteer work.

  • Harold

    My goal is to not wheeze when walking up stairs, reduce my back and body aches and lose a few pounds. However, I lack the motivation. Ever since my split and divorce, I’ve lacked the motivation to do a lot of things. I’m the guy that says, I’ll start Monday.

  • Joseph

    Biggest goal is to lose weight and get fit without getting injured.
    I currently developed a hip injury and I am going to physical therapy.
    The hips really control a lot. Whether pivoting or squatting or even turning in bed, your hips play a part. Even a plank could be difficult.

    I’ve always been strong and in semi shape.
    Last year I gained 25 lbs because of a sedentary lifestyle. It was like being chained to a desk for close to 11 hours a day then to another job where I sat at another desk for 4 hours.
    Maybe that’s how I injured hip.
    As I reclaim my health and strength I noticed I may have some muscle atrophy or weakness from not using them.

    So I wonder do I want to strong and flexiible OR
    FLexibe and strong.
    Can I be both?
    Thanks and congrats
    Enjoy you baby, have more and enjoy them.

    God Bless you and your family.


  • My number one fitness goal….is for my clients to achieve THEIR number one fitness goal! My biggest frustration, is really about them as well. The news, internet, and almost every magazine out there is full of “stuff” they can’t use, realistically, to achieve their goals. The fact that the average consumer is still believing a lie, crushes my heart.

    I want the best for them. And being a huge fan of FVT, and being on your list for a LONG time, to have access to ALL this information would be huge.

    And don’t worry…I always do every exercise, every workout, every program, before I pass anything on to them. I’m happy to give honest and amazing feedback after doing just that.

    So awesome! (Yeah, new daddy’s do crazy things!)

  • Michael Foster

    My number one fitness goal is to build thick, functional, and symmetrical lean muscle.

    No problem, right? 😉

    My biggest challenges are
    a) being 43 years old
    b) working 50-55 hours per week

    Thank you for considering my submission.

    Michael Foster
    Meridian Idaho

  • Kim MacDonald

    My number one goal is to get toned and gain strength, the frustrations I have is finding motivation and finding the right meal plans for me as I am not a big veg fan and allergies to nuts which 98% of great looking food plans use a lot of.

  • Steve Miller

    Awesome program

  • My number one fitness goal is to get my 57 year old body back in shape. A few years ago I got into body weight conditioning and saw great results. Then I opened a new business and the stresses of business ownership took its toll on my body and health. Last year I hit the weights and bulked up in a short period of time, but carpal tunnel syndrome set in, and I quit. Once again I’ve gotten out of shape, and business stress is really affecting me. I just want to get motivated and get strong and healthy again, for my sake, my family’s sake, and my new grandkids sake.

  • The ultimate goal for me is to incorporate healthy food,locally grown with a spiritual assist from nature and a continuous and eager craving for functional strength and conditioning that applies exercises and technique from Kettlebells,bodybuilding,olympic lifts and crossfit.
    My major concern is not being able to grow younger.
    Thank you,

  • David

    #1 fitness goal: Muscle gain with fat loss
    #1 Obstacle: Diet (too many “Cheat” meals, snacks)

  • Marc Allain

    My goal is to simply be as fit as possible for as long as humanly possible.

    My biggest challenge is that family duties often take me away from a workout. Something always needs to be done. And beer, I like beer but is it ever a figure killer when I don’t workout for a long period.

  • Tiffany

    My absolute number one fitness goal is to be a good role model for my three children. I workout daily, am in good shape and love how I feel when healthy and fit. My biggest struggle currently is the injury I am trying to recover from. I pulled all the ligaments in my low back while doing a deadlift. It has been 6 weeks since the injury and, unfortunately, I still have another 3-4 weeks of recovery to go. After the initial injury I could not move, but after some medical intervention (toradol shot, prednisone treatment) and a week off from the gym, I began the journey to getting better. I have been doing what I can like walking, stairclimber, pull ups, push ups and dips. I miss working out with kettlebells (my favorite) so much, but I know that my back needs time to heal before I can add that back into my routine. It has been a very hard recovery from me because I am not one to just sit on the couch and do nothing. I miss my normal workouts, but am grateful for the motivation my children bring out in me. They see how important it is to stay healthy and fit, no matter what!

    Congratulations again on the birth of your little angel…my hubby’s birthday is also on August 7th so I know it’s a wonderful day 🙂

    Thank you for considering me to receive the FVT Mega Bundle Package! If I win I promise to not only honor the package by using it, but also having my kids join me with the workouts.

    Tiffany Ehrmantraut

  • Bill Bennett

    My number one fitness goal is to be healthy. I want to be able to walk upstairs without losing my breath. I want to have more energy and live a better life.
    My number one problem in accomplishing this is finding the time and the energy to workout each day.

  • Mike Demers

    Congratz on the new arrival to the FVT team

  • John Sanchez

    My goal now is to continue losing weight from my bariatric surgery until I achieve my desired weight loss (another 25-30 lbs); afterwards, my goal will become maintaining lean muscle mass well into my 50s.

    Congratulations on the new bundle of joy!

  • I am 66 years old, a former HS football coach, and weigh 265 lbs. down from 315, lowest 250, but I’m stuck. I haven’t been able to make more progress toward my goal of 225. I need a balance between intensity and the realities of my age in my workout.

  • Vivek

    My ultimate fitness goal is to be a reliable and useful champ to my children, grandchildren and society even when I am 80.

    My immediate fitness goal is to gain lean muscle mass that is functional.

    The biggest obstacle to this goal is the understanding and administration of proper nutrition from an Indian context.

    By the way… Congrats to Forest!

  • jerry

    My number one fitness goal is to lose the fat around y belly, to have ‘6-pack abs’ . consistency, that is my biggest problem, I just can’t seem to stay consistent enough with my workouts or eking to make the permanent changes I know I need to make. I am in this yoyo syndrome of losing a few pounds & then gaining them right back again.

  • Janet

    I want to get strong, My biggest obstacle is tweaking my schedule while fitting in all my obligations.

  • Bill Wells

    To be strong, happy and healthy. I would like to lose fourty more pounds and get my body fat down to single digits. My biggest obstacle is that there is so much information out there, that I really don’t know where to begin. I’ve lost about 50 pounds since January, but I have been at a plateau for a couple of months. I feel like a structured, consistent program, with variety would help me to stick with it and reach my goals.

  • jason kolbo

    hi hope every one doing ok.
    Here is my goal stay lean but also bulk up do not want to become muscle bound. but right now have no problem of that even though i go to gym or work out at home I can not seem to gain muscle or keep it on.
    I am haveing problem figuring out balance between how much in take of food and suplements i need compared to my out take of work outs.
    not know if making since but any help at all would really be appreciated try to get advice here and every one just say eayt meats nuts and vegs but does not help when do not know when and how much should eat have tryed other programs nothing seems to work for me

  • Cheryl Griffiths

    I am a new fitness instructor and a would love to gain more knowledge and deliver a safe and effective class with good technique and form. Also, I need to develop my own strength as I have always chosen high impact training and have mostly avoided weights until recently . Thank you for the opportunity to take part in this , Cheryl

  • Mike Wilson

    As a 66 year old male I’m legally entitled to bore you with a long rambling speech detailing all of my surgeries and the medications I’m on, but I will spare you that.
    My main goal is to be healthy enough to enjoy my great-grand children when they come along. My oldest grandchildren are 17 so I hope it’s a long way off.
    The biggest obstacle is of course me. And Cheetos, I love me some Cheetos! So I need to eliminate my dietary indiscretions and find a workout program that keeps me motivated and willing to stay on the nutritional straight and narrow.
    I’ve recently started working with kettlebells at my gym but other than a couple of exercises I know nothing about using them correctly. So these programs would be a major help.
    And my birthday was the 23th so it would be a great birthday gift too!

  • Nick

    Hi, Forest.

    My biggest goal is to continue instilling in my 4yo boy the joys of training. Training is play for him and my ultimate goal is for him to maintain that youthful exuberance for it. He even has his own 10 pound kb that he “plays” with. I strive to to defy mother nature by training and want to remain youthful in strong through middle age and continue being the guiding force in his life.

    I have two major obstacles: the first, I train despite having a left foot and ankle that requires extensive reconstructive surgery. The second, I had a thyroidectomy 4 years back due to cancer of the thyroid. The road has been a long one dealing with lethargy, an extremely sluggish metabolism as I continually seek out the proper balance of diet, medicine, work and training.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win your products.

    All the best,

  • darrol harris

    Number 1 fitness goal is develop healthy lifestyle using exercise and healthy eating patterns. Not dieting. I am 55 yrs old and love using kettlebells amd power walking. I believe kettlebells are efficient exercise tools, as well incorporating HIIT. My obstacles is hitting plateaus.

  • Chris Green

    Congrats Forest!
    I have two primary reasons for wanting to win this awesome package. The first is that I am in the process of opening my own fitness facility and have no extra available money at the moment. I want to be as well rounded a trainer as I can be and I really like the products that I have gotten from you already so I figure the more the better as it will allow me to provide as much training variety to my future clients. The second reason why I would like this is to use in my own training. While working construction to make money to open my own business I suffered my first ever back injury and have been out of work and training for the last four months. I’m almost healed and can’t wait to work out again! Incorporating kettlebell exercises is something I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while. Thanks and congrats again on your little girl.

  • Anne Hutchinson

    My fitness goal is to have good mobility as I age. I already have arthritis in my knees and hands so staying mobile is very important. My greatest obstacle is pain

  • Anne Hutchinson

    My fitness goal is to have good mobility as I age. I already have arthritis in my knees and hands so staying mobile is very important. I love the exercise I can do with kettlebells. I’m 55 and my greatest obstacle is pain

  • Johnny Westby

    My name is Johnny Westby, and I am living in Norway. I have been following your website, and I am a regular receiver of your daily mail.
    My goal is to be in better shape than today and lose at least 10kg, and I would like to learn more about how to work with two kettelbelts at the same time. I am using kettelbelt in my training, and I also want to give some to some young kids that I take care of on my free time. I want to give them a feeling of how Kettelbelt training can help them to be more strong in their Core muscles, so that their lives can be better. So that is mye goal, and I really hope to be continuing to use kettelbelt, whether I win or not.
    Johnny Westby from Norway

  • Janine

    Although I’ve been in the gym regularly in the past, I’ve never played a sport especially not competitively. Now I have the chance (I enjoy rowing) but, being older & now a carer, it is hard to get out of the house to work on maintaining a regular fitness routine, particularly to the required fitness level. Vance’s package is great & would motivate me to work out to a routine on a regular basis at home. Kettlebell workouts are great for rowers and I wouldn’t be letting anyone down! Thank you.



  • Bob young

    I had rotator cuff surgery in February and this is my biggest obstacle. It’s a very long slow grueling process. My goal is to get back into shape so that I can do 500 kettle bell swings, do a few pull ups and play racquet ball. What’s most frustrating is I lack the energy and the strength to workout for more than 10 minutes. Since before the surgery I was very active And am now frustrated beyond belief. I hope to win because I’ve spent to much money on physical therapy to afford all these awesome tools you offer

  • The programming the gym I been threw we don’t chart what we do.

  • Susan

    My current fitness goal is to drop body fat and gain muscle and hopefully a 6 pack. Ive dropped 28kgs in 15months so Im getting there and love kettlebells & foam rolling.
    my biggest obstacle was finding time to do a decent workout around kids activites school and sports etc, so I researched ways to get max reward for a potentially shorter period of time exercising!!!! And here is where my love for anything kettlebell started!!! Love them.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity.
    Susan (Aus)

  • PJ

    My number one fitness goal is to drop 5% body fat and my biggest obstacle is that I can’t stop eating fruit. I exercise everyday and I don’t really eat any sweets but when it comes to fruit, 1 serving is never enough. I usually eat between 8-15 serving a day.

  • Ian Marshall

    My main fitness goal is to be fit for life and fit into the future and older age.

    My drawback is time working 12 hour shifts and being a father of three

    Sleep gets in the way 🙁

  • Joseph Young

    My number one fitness goal is continued improvement in health over the long term. The main thing holding me back is getting too competitive with others and overdoing it when I shouldn’t.

  • Tica

    Main Fitness Goal:To improve my health and have more energy.
    Main Obstacle: Consistency. It’s hard for me to keep motivated and focus.

  • Tobie

    Number one fitness goal – develop the tools and skills to maintain my strength and well-being as I age.

    Number one obstacle – severe depression and anxiety keeping me from seeing positive change when it’s happening.

  • David

    Congrats! We had a baby august 5th. Can’t wait for him to try kettlebell training. Lol

  • Elwin Rozyskie

    My number one fitness goal is to reach 20% bodyfat. Number two is to run 1.5 miles in 13 minutes while building lean muscle. My biggest obstacle is a busy schedule at work and “life happening.”

  • Steve

    Lose fat…add muscle! I’ve used KB’s before and I know they’re a great way, along with the proper diet, to accomplish this. I came here looking for some direction.

  • Maximum fitness

    Forest great Trainer 🙂
    A lot of good ideas

  • Chris D.

    As a 59 year old male I am interested in functional strength, mobility and flexibility to allow me to continue to enjoy activities that I love like biking, golf and paddling. I m interested in getting in a fairly quick and efficient workout that energizes rather than wipes me out. I have had some luck with other internet programs but am always looking out for something fresh.

  • Patricia McFadden

    My number one fitness goal is to improve my health by shedding the weight that is plaguing me from menopause…I have struggled with not seeing immediate results after changing my eating habits and beginning exercise.

  • Tonya Moncrief

    My first moremost fitmess goal is to lower my Body Fat % so I can develop defined muscles to carry my own self into the golden years and to be able to keep up with the generations behind me. My obstacle/frustration has been trying to do it ALL!! Being to perfectionist and then getting esasperated so I give up and then think I have to start over. Learning to just pick myself up and keep moving even if it’s small steps. BTW -Great day your beautiful girl came into the world. I married my best friend that day on Coronado island…

  • Phyllis Shaw

    My number one fitness goal is to live a healthy, active life. Of course what goes with that is to be disease free, lose body fat, earn muscle and eat healthy. With that being said, the hardest and most difficult obstacle is to find the time to accomplish it. I am a single mom of three and one child has travel basketball plus he plays for his high school now. I work full-time and to offset travel ball and other expenses, I teach part-time and run a part-time business, plus I volunteer in the local school District advocating for the best education of our children. Since I cannot stand injustice, I am also a Board member for County’s Human Right Board. When you add all of these together, it cannot seem difficult to take a good shower. Since I have to be up early for my son to get on the school bus, I have been doing the free body weight from FV and it is working. I follow him on two different emails, crazy..yes!

  • Vicki Hancox

    My main fitness goal is to maintain good fitness, eat clean and also pass this goal onto my children. So that they can lead a fit and healthy life too. Hopefully this trend will continue from generation to generation.

    My main obstacle is shift work – exercise and eating times are always different and need to be adjusted to fit my shifts – this can be a challenge when you are tired. Quick and efficient workouts are the best !! I need variety and chanllenges to keep motivated !!!

  • Beverly

    My goal is to lose weight and be fit and flexible. Time is not on my side as I’m 59. I want to maintain my focus in spite of everything taking longer.

  • Alex Tulintseff

    I’m 50. I worry about loss of muscle mass and staying aerobically fit.

  • Goal: Gain lean muscle, lose little fat to be ripped

    Obstacle; Sticking with one program.

  • Mark L.

    Improve and maintain strength and general fitness.

  • Greg Wood

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

    My number one fitness goal is to get into better cardio shape using kettlebells so I can be around for many years and continue enjoying my 3 babies who are now 25, 22 and 18 years old.

    I’m 50 years old and have been weight training for over 30 years without significant injuries. I believe kettlebell training will be a great addition to achieving my fitness goals. My biggest obstacle is I’m a little bit cautious about really diving into kettlebell training without the proper instruction.

  • Alex Turnamian

    One of my main fitness goals is to be able to do a full body weight workout using all the basic exercises. The lack of flexibility and mobility in my shoulders is probably the major obstacle preventing me from reaching this goal. At 69 years of age I’ve had to improvise to work some muscle groups. Example : using the Dave Draper Top Squat ,since I can’t get my shoulders back to use just the Olympic bar when squatting.

  • Dennis Street

    My fitness goal may be somewhat different since I am recovering from a hip replacement. My ability to workout has been very limited, so I look forward to getting my kettlebells out and getting back into shape.

  • Hi Forest,
    You’d think as a certified Kettlebell Instructor I have a good handle on KB training. Yes, in some respects & some no. I’m learning a great deal from you about KB lifting. #1 Goal: Role model for clients (need to build clientele) form & lifting techniques, with efficiency of movement, re build body/shoulders from seat belt injury, & train clients in the fundamental KB moves & the hows & whys to correct muscle imbalances.
    Challenges: Low income not having the resources like what you offer to save time & energy to figure things out. This fall I have been asked by a high level cross sport gym to have KB workshops, training sessions for high level athletes & more. It’s a oh my gosh how do I prepare for this?
    Congratulations on the new addition to your family.

  • Tj

    I am approaching 50. I have two young kids. My goal is to be the best 50 out there and an example to my girls.

  • My number one fitness goal and something I promote to all of my older and damaged ex footballers, Its not how long you workout for but its what you do when you workout. For example I run a zero run class where we only do Kettlebells and bodyweight exercises and the whole group of over 40 men have dropped many kegs and shaped up. They have overcome the fear of associating running with weight loss and hit their goals.

  • Veronica Gilmore

    My biggest obstacle in achieving my fitness goals is finding the time time to workout because I take care of my ill parents and homeschool two kids. I love the kettlebell workouts because they are effective and make me strong and healthy. Would really love to win.

  • Todd

    Congratulations on the arrival of your new daughter! That is wonderful news.
    I have been battling injuries for a few years now, most of them due to living life as full as possible! Retired after nearly 30 years in the fire service as a firefighter paramedic and 25 years in the military both active and reserve. Now I’m trying to get back into better shape as I want to enjoy my retirement and show the “youngsters”, I can still ski the big walls, and do all the things I’ve always done. But, right now, I’m having trouble tying it all together. I have been trying to follow a couple of programs and sometimes they contain conflicting information. I really need help bring exercise and diet together so I can meet my goals. Thanks again for all you do, and all you’ve done!

  • Shannon

    What an exciting adventure a new life is!! Enjoy your baby, the moments pass incredibly fast.

    1. GOAL: I am taking the HKC in December. I want to pass. 🙂

    2. OBSTACLE: Maintaining Balance in body, mind, soul, and family.

  • Gerald Barton

    My number one goal is to trim down, particularly in the midsection. My biggest frustration is a place to exercise, particularly since my jib requires travel. Hotel room space is almost non existant, as well as small and cramped “fitness centers”. Locating, negotiating a decent temporary price, and being able to attend, a gym, with a decent sized pool, is almost next to pulling a tooth. At home it’s not so bad as I can attend a local fitness center, with a pool. Don’t get me started on trying to eat”right”.

  • Dawn McKinney

    My fitness goal is to be healthy and compete in muddgames and spartan race. I want to own my own gym someday and fitness line of clothing. My frustration is ive been going at losing weight getting fit all wrong my whole life. Believing all the hype. But now with my boyfriends help who is in exercise science guiding me and your workouts i am seeing results. Whoo hoo! !! Thank you and i hope to continue my healthy body journey and inspire others as i get my personal trainer degree.

  • Kenn

    Congrats Forest, been receiving your new letter and thanks for the great information.

  • jerry

    Love KB workouts

  • Mike B

    Forest, I am the sole financial support for a lovely wife who suffers from a serious illness, four wonderful kids (including a college student), two dogs and two mortgages. I am a 48 year old former college athlete with a demanding job, a fourty-mile commute and thirty excess pounds. As my gym time is extremely limited, I need an extremely efficient and effective workout routine and believe your program could very well be the answer to my prayers. Please consider me for your program giveaway. Also, you have my word that if I am selected, I will give your program my best effort!

    Mike Behling

    Ps – congrats to you and your wife on the baby!

  • Jackson Windham

    My number one fitness goal is to lose 90 pounds and get into great shape so I can be Diabetes free, or at least keep it under control. My biggest obstacle is I have a job where 98% of my time is spent sitting at a desk in front of a computer and when I get home, there’s always so much to do. Having time to work out has been tough. It’s something I’m working on so I can achieve my goals.

  • jason kolbo

    yes i left coment about about goal of bulking up and the struggles
    i wanted to add to it cause of what was reading from one of the other guys
    cause i think i doing something good from one guy but then he talks about his friend s program so not sure if dhould swicth or what and that is what getting from some others not sure what to do please help

  • My goal is to functionally get younger while I physically get older.

    My challenge is that I’m already 60, so there’s a lot of work to be done. But I take heart in the fact that a kettlebell lasts forever, so maybe therein lies the secret.

  • Jodie Cooley

    My number one fitness goal is to get healthy for my kids… I want to be able to run around and keep up with my very active boys.
    My biggest obstacle is forgetting I’m important too and putting some effort and time into taking care of me.

  • Jodie Cooley

    my number one fitness goal is to be healthier for my kids….I want to be able to keep up with my very active boys.

    My biggest obstacle is remembering I’m important too and learningto take care of myself as well.

  • Michelle Schwab

    I have recently been researching different methods of getting lean and building muscle. I am 46 years old and did compete in the past in women’s bodybuilding. I would like to learn different methods of workout that are bodyweight focussed. I want to preserve my joints without intense weight. I do hope to compete for the first time in women’s physique in November 2014.

    Thank you for your consideration and congratulations on your little one.

    Michelle Schwab

  • Harry

    My fitness goals are:
    1) Lose 35 lbs from 200 to 165
    2) Stabilize, Mobilize, Breathe through a variety of techniques to significantly strengthen my core, upper and lower back, hips, legs, knees, ankles so that…I can walk at least as well as the average Joe. I have early onset Parkinson’s and need assistive devices to get by 30% of the time.
    3) Use WIERD mind/body techniques (see Todd Hargrove’s latest book on human movement, Mary Bond’s books on breathing and posture, mark verstegen’s book on core performance, al simon course on tai chi, cressey/Robertson work on functional stability, Alpine walking….all great and requiring an open mind and will in heart.
    My biggest frustration is knowing how to integrate all this. Medical community is more close hold, sports performance folks awesome but understandably skittish about recommending anything, emphasis on awesome!
    I am 52 diagnosed at 43, my health failing quickly now. I am
    confident that with an open mind, sound advice, hard work and continued grace of my Maker, in 2 years you will hear back from me and it will be beyond belief!
    Harry SCHMALZ

  • James williams

    I come from a power lifting background. My father has been touted as one of the greatest bench pressers of all time. Some time ago I determined that I was spending far too much time and money at the gym. I felt that if there was something that I could do at home it would be better for me both in terms of time and physiological benefits. I am 46 years old and began to suffer a bit with heavy lifting. I had tried to construct bodyweight programming on my own however I was not able to do so effectively. Ultimately I would plateau. Fast forward to today…I had purchased bodyweight 2.0 and enjoy it tremendously. I would greatly appreciate having more programming options so as to cycle and incorporate some kettle bell work as well. As much as I would love to purchase these programs, I am simply not in a position to do so. Presently I am unemployed. My wife works as a registered nurse, however we struggle to maintain our home and four children. Thank you in advance for considering me. James

  • Congrats on baby!
    At 71 it’s all about quality of life and passing it on to others!
    Doug Dienelt

  • admin


    THANK YOU all SO much for the amazing feedback. It’s gonna be really, really tough to pick a winner!!

    To every single one of you who responded, this info is also GREATLY beneficial for knowing what kind of videos, articles, etc I can create in the future to help you more … awesome!

    We’ll be going through the blog comments and announcing an official winner shortly.

    – Forest

  • Patrick Brunette

    Can’t wait to win and utilize the programs!!!

  • Patrick Brunette

    #1 current fitness goal is to reach 8% body fat, currently at 12%! Suffering from arthritis at age 29 is tough but I keep my inflammation under control with a clean diet and not medication!

    #1 current obsticle is my tendency to binge eat after a long stretch of doing good, eating a clean solid diet 100% of the time is tough but one day every 2 weeks or so isn’t the worst thing that can go wrong!

  • Rebecca

    Fitness goal to get in better shape and feel better. Biggest obstacle time. I work 2 jobs and a single mom. My full time job is the reason I need to be in better shape. I’m a probation/parole officer. I think it is stress of job and having to take care of twins that has added to the weight gain. I try and work out on my lunch hour and do martial arts at night. Yet I’m not really losing.

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