Take This Simple Squat Test (details inside)

Got a fun little “squat test” for you to take today.

Don’t worry – it’ll only take a few seconds.


Okay – start by standing in front of a wall, so that your chest is about 8-12 inches away.

Now, you’re going to do five simple body weight only squats.

On the fifth and final rep, hold in the bottom position for a good 10 seconds.

Try and be highly aware of what’s happening with your feet, knees, hips, core, and chest during this little exercise.

Then, come back and read the rest of this message, to find out what to do next.

Okay ready? Go!


Here’s a quick video on how to do the drill:


You should be testing NOT reading further – DON’T CHEAT! ;)


Okay. How’d it go?

How did your squats FEEL overall? Easy? Tough?

Either way, I want you to go over the checklist below and mark off either an X or an O in the space next to it, to see how you did.


0 = NO

_____ My feet had to be wider than shoulder width in order to get low

_____ My chest kept wanting to fall forward into the wall

_____ I wasn’t able to get my butt and hips below parallel

_____ My knees collapsed in

_____ I had to really rotate my feet out in order to squat lower

_____ I felt a pinch in my lower back when I went down low

_____ My weight wanted to shift forward onto my toes off of my heels

_____ I couldn’t hold the bottom of the squat for the full 10 secs

Do you have a LOT of “X’s” marked off in the spaces above?

If so, you’ve got some squatting issues.

GOOD news is, these can be fixed.

BAD news is, if you don’t, sooner or later you’re going to run into some serious problems – and likely get injured.

If you want to get these issues taken care of for GOOD – so that you can avoid injury while building more strength and muscle – I’ve got the solution for you HERE.

It’s my buddy Travis Stoetzel’s full squatting system he calls, “The Double Your Squat System”.

If you’re having problems with any of the above issues on the squat check list – OR your squat just isn’t where you want it to be – this is your opportunity to change that for good.

Check out the DOUBLE Your Squat System today here:

=> DOUBLE Your Squat System ($7 – LIMITED TIME ONLY)

That’s it for now. Train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, RKC II

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