Outdoor 20 Minute Body Weight Conditioning Workout

Personally, training outside, free of the confines of a gym, is where I fell best and most motivated.

Whether it’s doing some interval sprints down the side of the road, or taking a couple of kettlebells and finding the pull up bars at a local park and putting on my own personal “boot camp”, it just feels BETTER, and more satisfying, when I hit a training session outdoors.

So I got one of these 20 minute body – weight only, ZERO equipment required conditoining workouts for you to try today.

Here’s how it goes:

– Do a three to five minute general warm up, including foam rolling, joint mobility, and dynamic stretch

– Set your timer for 20 minutes

– Start the workout by fast walking, jogging or running about 1/4 mile

– After 1/4 mile, stop and do 20 body weight squats

– Continue in this same fashion – alternating walking, jogging or running about 1/4 mile and stopping for a body weight – based exercise.

– The moves you’ll rotate through for the rest of the 20 minutes: 12 push ups, 10 lunges each side, 30 second plank hold, 5 pull ups (I like to do this workout in a park so I can just find a soccer goal, pull up bar, sturdy tree branch, etc to do my pull ups from)

And that’s it. Pretty simple, WAY tougher and more powerful than just jogging for 20 minutes, and best of all, you’ll get OUTSIDE and feel great when you’re done!

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That’s it for now. Train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance


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