Fix Your Push Press in 30 Seconds (new coaching vid)

The push press is a great exercise.

A favorite auxiliary lift among Olympic lifters, it uses a ‘kick start’ from the legs and hips to get the weight moving overhead.

But getting just enough hip drive to boost the bar up, and getting this in sync with all the other things that have to happen at the same time, can be a little tricky.

If you’re struggling to master your push press technique, try the simple progression I break down in this video.

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Thanks, train hard, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance, MS, RKC II


How to Fix Your Push Press in 30 Seconds

Video Recap

– You can start in the squat rack position if you choose to or you can deadlift it off the floor and clean it up to your shoulders
– 1st- do a military press- no knee bend, no hop, just straight up, finishing with the biceps by the ears, and back down to the rack position
–This is the 1st level. You want to make sure you have the military press down before you move on to the push press.
–The push press- You are going to use a little bit of boost from your lower body to get the weight overhead. Then back to the rack position.
– -A couple of things to practice to get that down:
1. You can do a progression- Squat, then overhead press.
2. Half-Squat, overhead press.
3. Quarter-Squat, overhead press.
4. Eighth of a squat, overhead press.
5. Sixteenth of a squat, overhead press. (A little hop is okay.)

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