KB Exercises for Abs – The Turkish Get Up (includes video)

The Turkish getup, along with the kettlebell swing, forms the foundation of HardStyle kettlebell training.

It’s a total-body move that is great for both shoulder mobility and stability, hip mobility and stability, working pretty much all the “pushing” muscles in your body … and it’s GREAT for getting stronger, more “functional” abs!!

It is, however, a tricky exercise to master.  So I put together a video for you that breaks the Turkish Get Up down into easier-to-digest steps – check it out:

Video Recap

1 – Start the move lying on your side with the kettlebell at your shoulder. Pull the ‘bell into your frame, roll to your back, and punch the KB up towards the ceiling.

2 – If you are on your right side, your right heel will be tucked up to your right glute. Your left leg will go out slightly at an angle along with your left arm.

3 – Now, drive through the right heel and punch up towards the ceiling. Straighten out the bottom arm so you are supporting your weight with your bottom arm completely outstretched.

4 – Drive the hips towards the ceiling, come up to a bridge position, and bring the foot through the hips. Shoot to get the knee that’s coming thru to land right by the hand that’s on the ground.

5 – Come up to your lunge position and get set. Brace the abs, make sure the bicep is directly by the ear and the shoulder supporting weight of kettlebell is tight and stabilized. Stand up!

I hope this video helps you refine your technique in the tricky-to-master kettlebell Turkish Get Up exercise – and gets you working towards a stronger, better looking set of abs!

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PS – Got lots more info for you on ab training coming later this week – stay tuned.

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