Just Say NO to Burpees


Love ‘em or hate ‘em – they’re a staple of most conditioning programs these days.

But believe it or not, SOME trainers and fitness experts are now coming out and saying –

“Just say no to burpees!”

It’s true. In a recent article in the Denver Post from personal trainer Jamie Atlas, he says NO to burpees. He says the exercise has morphed into something completely different than it was originally intended (as a fitness testing drill in the military), and it’s hard on the knees and lower back.

I for one need a little more convincing before I take the exercise out of my workout programming. The article wasn’t super specific as to WHY the exercise was so bad for the knees and back.

BUT – I do agree that you have to be READY for the exercise. You have to be able to hop back, land in a perfect plank position, then hop forward, and land with the feet nice and flat. And this has to happen on EVERY rep.

And also. If you just don’t like doing burpees – or you have an injury that prevents you from doing them – or you just need a little more time to work up to doing them – there are surely a lot of good alternatives.

You can absolutely, positively, get in fantastic shape without them.

A great start is this program from my friend Jen Sinkler, which includes 130 conditioning workouts – and not a single burpee:

=> Get 130 workouts from Jen here – NO burpees included

I met and had the pleasure of training with Jen over a three day weekend at an RKC II certification a few weeks ago – and could not BELIEVE what a well-rounded athlete she was.

Within the span of about an hour, I saw her:

– walk on her hands
– do a pistol squat with a 24k (53#) kettlebell
– jerk a 36k (80#) kettlebell over head

You may know Jen already – but if not, she’s been featured regularly in Men’s and Women’s Health, Shape, The Huffington Post, and Greatist.com — just to name a few. She also played elite-level rugby for 13 years, six of them while working as a fitness editor, writer, and coach.

So, it was very cool to meet her, and get to train and hang out over the three day weekend.

Another cool thing I found out about was the most recent training course she’s put together. Jen has assembled a library, a “smorgasbord” if you will, of 130 kettlebell, body weight, dumbbell, and even full gym conditioning workouts.

She sent me a copy of the program, and I’ve gotten the chance to check it out – and they ROCK. It’s a fantastic resource that I am already using for my own training, and with my boot camp clients.

And, you won’t find a single burpee in the 130 workout library ;)

=> Get 130 KB/BW/DB workouts from Jen here

By saying NO to burpees and working Jen’s 130 NEW workouts into your training, you’ll have that winter layer OFF, and be summer-ready in no time :)

Train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance

PS – Here’s a quick sample workout from the program –

You can use this as a “finisher” for the end of your current routine, or as a high-intensity stand-alone workout in a pinch.

Complete two rounds of this circuit, working for 30 seconds then resting for 30 seconds for each movement. Count the total amount of reps you get, then try to beat your score next time around:

– Triceps Pushup
– Skater Jump
– Flutter Kick
– Box Dance Step
– Knee-to-Elbow Plank
– In-and-Out Squat

Then go get 129 more workouts like this one here

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