The BEST Way to Use “Finishers” in Your Workouts

Got a great new body weight – only finisher for you today.

But before we break it down, I want to give you an idea of how we set up boot camp workouts at our studio, so you can see how a finisher like this is best “plugged” in to your routine:

– We always start with a dynamic warm up of some kind. Takes around five minutes.
– Then we practice a skill that we’ll be using in the workout that day, at a reduced intensity – like kettlebell swings, for example. This lasts two or three minutes.
– Next we move into the main “meat” of the workout. This is a template that I design that we follow for a four week block. There is some flexibility so that each trainer can tweak it to make it their own a little, but the movements, rep range, rest, total amount of work done, etc. remains the same. This is around 30 mins.
– THEN we add a finisher like the one below – of the trainer’s choice – at the end. Five to ten mins total, and everyone is SMOKED.

This is an AWESOME way to change workouts up, have fun but ALSO stick to a progressive plan and make sure to continue to get better over time.

I recommend you follow the same set up with your workouts. What your actual workouts look like will vary depending on your goals – fat loss, muscle gain, etc. But the SET UP and PROGRESSION is the key to getting the most out of your workouts in general, and today’s finisher (and other workouts like it that I share with you).

On to the workout ;) You can tack this on to the end of ANY workout, directly from the Challenge Section inside the Body Weight Finishers Manual:


Gimme’ the 250 Body Weight Finisher

Do the following circuit ONE time, resting only when needed. The next time you do this finisher, try to beat your previous time it took you to complete it.

– Bodyweight Squats (30)
– Pushups (30)
– Alternating Bodyweight Chops (15/side)
– Bodysaw (30)
– Skater Hops (15/side)
– Jumping Jacks (100)

Get 51 MORE Body Weight Finishers like these here (includes coaching videos!)

To sum up, you SHOULD use finishers in your workouts, ESPECIALLY if your goal is fat loss and conditioning. However, HOW you use them is critical – and the outline in this article is a great way to do it.

Thanks for reading, and talk soon –

Forest Vance

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