Bodyweight Bundle Sale – 38 Resources from Top Bodyweight Experts

A few months ago, Todd Kuslikis (body weight training expert at contacted me about a “body weight bundle” project he was putting together.

His idea was to round up every fitness expert he could think of, and get them to “contribute” a body weight training program to the project. Then, he’d make ALL the programs available for a limited time at a super discount.

=> Get details on Todd’s “body weight bundle” project here

Well, as of today, Todd’s Bodyweight Bundle project is live – and it’s crazy to see what Todd has managed to put together. He’s got like every fitness expert you’ve ever heard of in on this thing!

You get full programs from 38 different body weight training experts (myself included) for $37 bucks. That breaks down to like .97 each.

Literally the value of this package is over $1000. Pretty crazy. As an example, I contributed one of my full programs – Body Weight Strong – and it sells for $19.95 regular price every day on my main website. You get this and 37 MORE programs like it for $37 bucks TOTAL.

=> Get the 38 Body Weight Workouts here

If you are into body weight training for pretty much any goal, check this one out. It’s an amazing resource that will serve you for years to come.

Train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance

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