8 Day Baddass Building Blocks System (sample workout)

Before you go HARD – which you NEED to be doing in your workouts at the end of the day if you want results – you must get get your basic SKILLS down.

KB training basics like swings, TGUs, goblet squats, etc.

Bodyweight training basics like pull ups, pistols, handstand push ups, etc.

Barbell training basics like deadlifts, presses, etc.

Skip this step and you at BEST won’t get results. And most likely you’ll end up injured.

My buddy Travis shows you how to do BOTH of these things in the article below.


My friend Travis Stoetzel just released his new program, The Unbreakable Baddass Blueprint 2.0.

If you haven’t seen the full program yet, you can do so HERE.

But what I wanted to highlight in today’s article was the “Badass Building Blocks” system he has added in as an awesome bonus to his already proven-effective system.

This adds in a special 8-Day system that you or anyone else who might not be up to their potential “badass” level of fitness quite yet a program to follow that will help you get jump started and beyond.

See, I am all about progression and going HARD but ONLY when you are ready and prepared and have developed your basic skills, especially for complex movements … and that’s what this program is all about.  (That’s just one of the things about Travis’ programs that makes them different and superior to a lot of the crap out there.)

Here’s a quick sample workout from the Baddass Building Blocks system so you can get an idea of what I’m talking about (you’ll of course get more details, video walk-thrus, etc. in the full program):

Day 4 – Back – Front Squat / HSPU

Barbell Front Squat Basics
Barbell Back Squat Basics
HSPU Basics

Exposure Session

6 Rounds Of:

– Back Squat x 5 – 1st 3 Rounds / Front Squats x 5 – 2nd 3 Rounds
– HSPU x 1 Min AMRAP x submax

***Rest 1 Min between rounds
***AVOID failure at all costs on HSPU
***Choose a moderate load for the squats – nothing too heavy

Focused Mobility / Soft Tissue Work:

Front Pigeon Mobility / Stretch x 2 Min / Side
Barbell Assisted Rack Mobility x 2 Mins / Side
Foam Roll Adductors x 2 Mins / Side

If you follow the simple progressions that Travis has laid out within this system, you’ll no doubt be ready to take on not just phase 1 of his UBB 2.0 system, but you’ll also be ready to take on just about any program out there.

Grab this for free here:

=> 8 Day Badass Building Blocks System BONUS (see more details HERE)



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