The Power of Posterior Chain Linking

You either have a strong back or you don’t. If you don’t have a strong back, you will get soreness in your lower back when you probably don’t have to.

There a lot of back injuries that could be prevented by simply knowing how to use the muscles of the posterior chain optimally.

The problem is, there has been no simple and easy way of doing this until now.

My friend Sean Schniederjan has put together a 2 minute “linking sequence” to contract, strengthen, activate or whatever you want to call it – ALL the muscles of the posterior chain, piece by piece. Put them together and BAM – you have to feel it to believe it.

It feels incredible and it will instantly strengthen your back from your heels to your glutes to your upper back and then how to use them all together in one strong and cohesive unit.

If your low back gets sore when you do a workout or daily activities or if you feel like you could use some extra JUICE from the muscle up and down your backside – you have to check this out.

Sean shot this video explaining how posterior chain linked is helping 1000s get a stronger posterior chain for better lifting workouts – especially kettlebells, squatting, and deadlifting or more mundane activities like picking up luggage, shoveling snow, or doing lifting around the house or backyard.

You have to hear some of these results – amazing.

Here’s the video Sean did exclusively for my friends explaining Posterior Chain Linked. Maybe next time he should wear warmer clothes when its -5 degrees!

The Power of Posterior Chain Linking


If you want to check out Posterior Chain Linked and I highly recommend that you do, Sean has put together this special offer for my friends only:

Get Posterior Chain Linked HERE

For those of you following my kettlebell programs this linking sequence is the perfect compliment.

Train hard, and talk soon –


PS – Sean is offering a special on Posterior Chain Linked plus new bonuses for my friends only. Check it out here.

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