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Got an article and video for you today on what’s called “direct hybrid focus” ab training.

It’s a different approach that what you’ve likely seen before. I REALLY like it … because it focuses BOTH on eliminating belly fat (which is really most folks problem when it comes down to it), AND training your abs directly at the same time.


– Forest


You Are Training Your Abs WRONG!
by Dennis Heenan, author, Superhero Abs

It’s a harsh yet true reality … however the majority of the people you see in the gym are training their abs in the completely wrong way.

See, when it comes to getting a lean set of six-pack abs, the most important aspect for 98% of people is eliminating the fat that is covering up their abs. Building your ab muscles should come second. Because let’s be honest, what’s the point of having great looking abs under a layer of belly fat?

This is the reason you should focus on eliminating your belly fat first, and let the ab muscle building happen naturally – as I will explain in just a second.

Now I am not saying that you should never train your abs directly, because this is still very important. What I am saying is that you must focus your ab workouts more on training your abs indirectly. This means through exercises that target multiple muscles at once while indirectly targeting your core. What this does is it allows your body to drastically increase its energy expenditure (or fat burning) while also building an extremely strong core.

Now, this isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Take a look at the workout I put together for you that utilizes both direct and indirect ab exercises. This is exactly the kind of workout you need to be doing when training your abs:

Workout Description: Perform 30 seconds on each exercise with a 5 second transition period in between. Repeat 2 full rounds.

– Pushups: 30 seconds

– Ab Wheel Rollout or Hand Walkout: 30 seconds

– Squat Jumps or Squat to Toes: 30 seconds

– Burpee Outside Mountain Climber Combo: 30 seconds

Rest 30-60 seconds and repeat 1 more time through for a total of 2 rounds.


Pretty difficult for just over four minutes of work, right?

As you can see, we are hitting our abs both directly and indirectly in this workout.

Take a look at the breakdown:

– Pushups – indirect

– Ab Wheel Rollout or Hand Walkout – direct

– Squat Jumps or Squat to Toes – indirect

– Burpee Outside Mountain Climber Combo – hybrid


This is the kind of workout that will force your body to burn fat and use a ton of energy while naturally allowing your ab muscles to build at the same time. If you truly want to get a ripped and lean midsection, this is the best way to train. Keep it intense, hit multiple muscles at once, boost your energy expenditure, and directly and indirectly hit your core.


THANK YOU for sharing this article with us Dennis. Great stuff.

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Cool? Cool!

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