Top FVT Blog Posts of 2013

To put this list together, I went back and looked at every blog post I put up in 2013. There were a total of 282 between my personal blog at and our training studio website at

That’s not even including the dozens of guest posts I did for other fitness expert’s blogs over the course of the year.  Or the dozens more email newsletters that never even got posted on the internet at all.  Or the half dozen or so full training programs I put together.

That’s a lot of writing 🙂

Now HOPEFULLY, you read every single one of them!

But if you missed any, I forgive you.

Better yet, I’ve done a recap of the top 10 FVT blog posts of 2013 – so you can see all the BEST posts in one place, without having to go back and search through the archives.



 Top FVT Blog Posts of 2013

10 – HardStyle Kettlebell Swing Learning Progression

Video and article showing the basics of how to perform the HardStyle kettlebell swing.  Great for beginners and experienced kettlebell trainees alike.


9 – How to Build a Home Gym on a Budget

All about how to build a home gym on a budget.  I break it down into “levels” – so you’ll know where to spend first, and the most important equipment to buy as you look to build out your set up.

There were actually THREE posts in the series – but I cheated and made them all into #9 🙂

=> How to Build a Home Gym on a Budget, Part 1

=> How to Build a Home Gym on a Budget, Part 2

=> How to Build a Home Gym on a Budget, Part 3


8 – March 2013 Kettlebell Challenge Workout

REAL tough one.  Maybe the hardest challenge workout of the year.  Includes video.


7 – Kettlebell Snatch + Lateral Burpee Combo Workout

Seems simple, but incredibly tough.


6 – Simple Joint Mobility Routine

I integrated a joint mobility sequence like this one into my daily morning routine, and it’s made a HUGE difference in my mental focus, physical well-being, and overall health.  Don’t miss this one.


5 – Kettlebell Exercise Alternatives

Shows you the best kettlebell exercise alternatives – so you can “scale” nearly any kettlebell routine you find  – no matter your ability and/or training skill.


4 – Six Minute Six Pack Abs Workout

Great “crunchless” ab exercise video from trusted fitness source and my personal workout and business mentor, Craig Ballantyne.


3 – New Rules of Hybrid Kettlebell Strength

Article on my “new rules of hybrid kettlebell strength”.  Learn why you might be doing TOO much high-intensity metabolic work – and what to do about it.


2 – NEW Kettlebell Challenge Workout

Another kettlebell challenge workout.  Try it if you dare 🙂


AND … drum roll for the #1 post of 2014 …


1 – Kettlebell/Rope/Sandbag Finisher

Finisher you can do after your kettlebell workouts.  Video of ME going through it.


That’s it. Hope you enjoyed this and get something out of the top blog posts of 2014. Train hard and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, RKC

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