The 10 Minute Gut Check Challenge

The following is a guest post from my Madison, Wisconsin friend Derek Wahler.

He’s got a “10 minute gut check challenge” workout for you that’s surprisingly tough.  Give it a try – and let us know how you do!

– Forest


Hey there everyone at Forest Vance Training, my name is Derek Wahler. I’m a Certified Turbulence Trainer and creator of the 10-Minute Fat Loss Program.

I’m so pumped that Forest let me do a guest post and video for all of you. But to be honest, I’m a little bitter as I write this. I know you all are out there in sunny Sacramento, California.

As I’m writing this, it’s been snowing here in Madison, Wisconsin for the past 6 hours. I’m not even exaggerating, it’s supposed to go all night. I might be just a little jealous of you guys!

What I’m going to share today is the 10-Minute Gut Check Challenge.

When most people hear of 10-Minute Fat Loss, they immediately think, how can you get a great workout in only 10 minutes?

The key is to maximize every second of your time, push hard and bring the intensity, because it’ll all be over soon!

Here’s how the Gut Check Challenge works. Really, the name is more intimidating than the actual workout.

We’re setting our timer for 4 ½ minutes. There’s 4 exercises that you’ll do 10 reps of each.

Here they are:

• 10 Close Grip Pushups

• 10 Prisoner Squats

• 10 Oblique Mountain Climber Burpees

• 10 Seal Jacks

Watch this video to see how to do the workout:

You must complete all 10 reps before moving to the next exercise. Once you finish all of the exercises, that’s 1 round. Complete as many rounds as you can in 4 ½ minutes. There’s no scheduled rest, so only rest when necessary.

If your form starts to slip, or you just need a break, then take it and jump back in when you’re ready. As always, safety first.

After 4 ½ minutes, you’ll rest for 1 minute and then do it 1 more time for a total of 10 minutes. The goal is to beat the number of rounds you did in the first 4 ½ minutes.

You’ll be surprised how competitive you get with yourself. It’s human nature, we constantly want to improve, and that’s what leads to awesome results.

I really love these types of workouts, because you literally set your timer and work hard for a short amount of time. We’re not adding extra sets or reps in at the end. Once the 10 minutes are up, you’re done!

Let your body keep burning calories throughout the day, while you rest.

That’s the key to the 10-Minute Fat Loss Program. Do a lot of work in a short amount of time and then move on with your day. No more marathon gym sessions!

Push yourself hard and make every second count for 10 minutes.

Now it’s time for me to go shovel,

Derek Wahler, CTT

Certified Turbulence Trainer

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