Handstand Push Up Progressions (includes video)

Handstand push ups are a KILLER movement for:

  • Building incredible shoulder and upper body strength
  • Improving your balance
  • Strengthening your core and glutes
  • Just making you feel strong!

Problem is, they can actually be a bit intimidating – enough to keep a lot of people from even attempting them in the first place.

So, I wanted to share a video with you that walks through great progression series on the handstand push up.  You’ll discover six different exercises you can use to work up to doing full handstand push ups.

First, check out the video. Then, read the recap below it:

Handstand Push Up Progressions

Video Recap

Handstand Push Up Progressions

1 – Pike press w knees on box or bench

Elevate your knees on a box or bench. Upper body is upside down with hands on the floor. This set up allows you to train the same muscles you would in a full handstand push up but using less of your body weight as resistance. (We use these a lot in my Body Weight Strong program.)

2 – Pike press w feet on box

Same concept as progression above but exercise is done w feet on box or bench vs. knees.

3 – Band assisted handstand push up

Here, you’re going to do a full handstand push up, but you’ll have a band around your shoulders to assist you up. Check out the video above to see how to set this up.

4 – Handstand hold on wall

Here you’re going to practice getting into the full handstand position with your feet against the wall. This is a great one to get comfortable just being upside down.

5 – Partial range handstand push ups on wall

Put a mat or phone book etc. under your head and do your handstand push ups with a partial range of motion.

6 – Handstand push up against wall w kip

This is a handstand push up done using a hip extension movement at the bottom to boost yourself back up. Watch the video again with this one to see the set up.

In summary, handstand push ups are a great body weight movement and one that you should be including in your training. However, full handstand push ups are tricky and quite advanced – so use the progressions in this video to work yourself up and you’ll be knocking out full HSPUs in no time!

– Forest Vance, MS, RKC

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