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** 12.18.13 Update **

We’ve gone through and selected two winners from all of the incredible contest entries.

My assistant wanted me to pass along that it was SUPER tough for her to pick two winners.

And when she showed me the top ten entries – I had to agree.  So many amazing success stories and great cases for winning a free copy of the program.

What we ended up doing was narrowing it down to the top ten and drawing randomly out of a hat to pick the winners.

I want every single person who entered the contest to know that your feedback is VERY valuable … and I will be taking what you’ve mentioned about your goals, frustrations, etc. and using it for creation of future articles, videos and products. Again, THANK YOU – I am overwhelmed by the response!!

SO … the moment you’ve all been waiting for … Sarah Hoffman and Anthony (no last name – entered Dec 17th at 3.22am)!  Please email Gina at fvtraininfo (at) gmail (dot) com to claim your free copy!!!

ALSO – even if you didn’t win – the program is now officially on sale, and you can grab your copy now at a great price for the next few days.  Learn more about the program and get your copy HERE.

Thanks, and talk soon –

– Forest


Body Weight Strong is coming very soon … and you can win a free copy!!



The concept behind this program is simple – it shows you how to gain strength and muscle with body weight exercises only.

It is perfect if you:

  • Train at home, in your garage, etc. and have limited access to equipment – but still want to gain strength and/or muscle
  • Are beat down from years of hard training and heavy lifting and are looking for an alternative training method
  • Love training with kettlebells, barbells and dumbbells – but just want a break from your normal routine

The full program will be officially available in a few short days … and as we get the finishing touches of the delivery process ironed out, AND as a holiday time gesture of appreciation to you, a loyal reader, I’ve decided to give away two free copies of the program before I officially release it.

All you have to do to win your copy is leave a short message below on why you think Body Weight Strong would be the perfect program to help you reach your ultimate training goals.

Feel free to share your past and current struggles with training and in what specific ways a program like this one will help you get better results.

I’ll have my assistant go through and pick the best two comments so the contest is as fair as possible.  And all I’ll ask for is a little feedback from the winners after they’ve read through the program, watched the videos and tried the workouts themselves.

Leave a comment below to get entered to win … and keep an eye on your e-mail inbox to get first word of the Body Weight Strong program’s official release!

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  • Andrew

    I have used many of your concepts with my hockey team,
    it is a learning experience for my players as they find this new to them
    but it is also a challenge

  • Steve Biagini

    Being 54 and years of traing I would love a program that would be easier on the joints. Keeping my strength and fitness levels with body weight traing seems like the way to go

  • Debra

    Blew out back 2 years ago
    Can’t and won’t step foot in a gym
    Not fond of the idea of surgery
    So, I train in my garage with the bugs
    And the trash and recycles
    And my bells
    I would love to win a copy.
    Please . So I can show the bugs who’s boss.

  • I love the videos and the “down to earth” approach you have for fitness training.

  • massi

    Very interesting book 🙂

  • So I just had my third and final baby several weeks ago on 11/23. I had to really back off my workouts the last few months of my pregnancy due to some issues I was having. And with three kids including one newborn – not getting into the gym quite yet! Body Weight Strong is perfect – can do it at home or anywhere when I have the energy (sleep is also an issue at this point). I have about another week or two to go before I can add back in kettlebells and bars. Body weight training is what I’m looking to add in next and know you can benefit from serious strength gains. My body is a bit beat up from playing lots of sports from childhood through college, running, and previously teaching many group fitness classes. I like to squat – but have given up going too heavy due to my knees not enjoying it anymore. Because of my lack of working out the last several months of this last pregnancy – I have lost some serious strength. Body Weight Strong will put me on the right track to get back to my strong self along with my other training techniques! That is my first goal – gain strength. Body fat loss will come with my strength gains. Thanks for reading!!

  • Hi,
    This actually would be a great system for me to use as I’m already found out that doing body weight exercises are one of the best all around toning, strengthening and no hassle systems. I can work out at home and at the gym to get really warmed up for my kettlebell circuits then finish off with some more body weight exercises. While I’m just starting out on this, I find when at the gym some folks are amused at first when they are watching me and then when I’m done and totally drenched they ask me what the heck were those exercises? I’ve been reading these updates for a while and always find new exercises to use. With the Body weight program I’m sure it will keep me on track and more importantly give me exercises to use and keep me “pumped” on staying fit.
    I’d be happy to get the program and really dive into it and report back:-)


  • Paul

    Body weight strong looks sick! I can’t wait to get a copy!

  • Alex Rossler

    I am unable to train with weights like i used to due to injuries. I have a renewed vigor towards training since i started using Kettlebells. I work odd hours and need to squeeze in some training whenever and wherever i can. I like trying body weight training just to mix things up now and again. That is why i think Body Weight Strong would be an excellent training tool for me to have.

  • Rick

    I have just begun training with bodyweight exercises as years of cardio training has taken its toll on my knees and ankles. I would love the opportunity to learn more about and how to perform different body weight exercises.

  • Bekk Middleton

    I need a kick myself with something different to bring new challenge and change to my own training and fitness so I can offer the best and most diverse training to my clients.

  • Rachel

    Thanks, for all the great ideas and workouts….. I use them personally and in my classes…..thanks.

  • Bill Kennedy

    Kettlebell workouts are the best for strength, conditioning and overall body fitness. I combine these with lots of body weight excercises because these can be done anywhere with no equipment and provide full body conditioning.

  • Janet

    What’s to say? I’ve downloaded a couple of Forest’s training programs, and I know this one will be as good a quality as the others. Proper instruction is important to me as I want proper form to achieve my goals injury free. I’ve been working on kettlebell technique, and it’s time to learn proper body weight technique.

  • Rod Reynolds

    With a bodyweight training program , I can do resistance work whenever and wherever I want. Without the need for equipment, I can work my body in a different way, and in the process provide myself with new challenges. In combination with my kettlebell training – and as a complement to it – my training remains fresh & enjoyable. Can’t wait to get a copy and try it out – great move Forest!

  • Debby

    I love your training tips and manuals but am going broke with all the great e-books. I would love to have a free one!

  • Andy

    Because at this time of year I’m off work therefore away from the gym next door and travelling so the last thing I want to do is lug weights around with me. Body weight training would be prefect for me this time of year. I already have all the equipment I need for it 🙂

  • Rambo Big Papi

    Hey Forest I’ll try to keep it short & simple.My Wife & I been on a long journey & we’ve succeeded in one & that was losing weight & fat, see i was 297lbs & now I’m 193lbs a total deduction 104lbs & my wife 197lbs to 165lbs a total deduction of 32lbs & all was with the Home Workout Revolution, Kettlebell Evolution & Workout Finishers by the TT certified trainers Craig Ballamtyne, Chris Lopez, & Mikey “Pancakes” Whitfield. Now we’re limited with Kettlebells have a 24kg, 16kg, & 12kg with a set of PowerBlock Classic 50 plus. But when it comes to Bodyweight this is one of the Primary Goals that we would Love to add in our program to gain strength. We’ve lost a lot of weight but strength is still a ways to go I can’t believe that I can’t perform a good set of pull-ups & I can only do 3 good chin-ups & that is very disappointing. Handstands forget about it. This is one Program that I think can Benefit My Wife & I. Would be very impressive to go out thisupcoming 2014 summer & perform those bodyweight exercises with great form. Thank You & just so you know I have your Kettlebell Challenge 2.0. Your Bodyweight Strong will make it Complete.

  • Barbara

    Love my kb’s.
    Enjoyed your kb classes at the beginning of the year.
    Wish you were closer to Petaluma!
    Want to train for a 65 mile bike ride in April!
    Want to see what my body can do but need a program to follow!
    Thank you!

  • Conji Titus

    I would benefit from this program and set of exercises for many reasons. First there’s the obvious, I cannot afford a gym membership – especially right here at Christmas! Second, I’ve struggled with exercise for many years. I’ve worked with a trainer off and on, primarily because I don’t know what exercises to do by myself. I’ve been pretty athletic for much of my life and have had the body to support that statement until recently – which brings me to my third reason. I had a hysterectomy in 2009 and have been unable to get my body back. I’m currently about 35 pounds overweight and am uncomfortable in my own skin. That’s a miserable feeling! Reason four – I have a two year grandson that I need to be able to keep up with! He’s my pride and joy, but it’s hard to keep up with him with all this extra weight on my knees and back and midsection!
    Please help me to get back in good shape and get my body back by blessing me with this body weight workout program!!

  • John

    I struggle with keeping things on track with my fitness goals and would like to find a way to workout without equipment and still stay in shape. I travel extensively for business, so I’ve been looking at different ways to workout quickly on the road. This plan looks like it could be the answer. I’ve tried P90x and Insanity, but always seem to get injured using these programs. I’ve tried a lot and am really frustrated, but this might just be what I’m looking for.

  • Craig Bass

    I found your website by accident but have pretty much changed over to using kettlebells and have lost 30lbs in the process. It would be great to combine usings bells and body weight.
    Thanks so much. Craig Bass

  • Joel

    sure could use a change from exercising.

  • Don Drabek

    It’s time to stop non-focused exercising and start training. I believe Body Weight Strong will help provide that focus and eliminate the excuse, if I only had another piece of equipment. At the young age of 61, I figure It is never to late to start training and with a role model like Forest who has already put together the best, most effective, and time efficient program, I know I will see results. With the quality of training and information that Forest puts out, I know that Body Weight Strong will be a program for all ages.

  • Gregory Texidor

    Looking forward to Body Weight Strong. Get Buff!!!

  • Kelvin Bennett

    Evening Forest,
    I think Body Weight Strong would be the perfect program for me because I am an aspiring fitness enthusiast myself and between working 40 hours a week and class (MTSU) it’s hard to find time to make it to a gym. Learning numerous body weight exercises along with being able to maintain my leanness is very pivotal for me right now. As I previous customer I love your KB workouts and I trust you and your programs. Thanks for your consideration!!

  • Exercise is about functional movement. The ability to complete everyday tasks as easily as possible. Especially as we age. That requires us to have the ability to move our own body weight. What better way to train then. Use your own body weight. Target the muscles that enable us to move our own body weight, by moving our own body weight, Simple.

  • Don Drabek

    It’s time to stop non-focused exercising and start training. I believe Body Weight Strong will help provide that focus and eliminate the excuse, if I only had another piece of equipment. At the young age of 61, I figure It is never to late to start training and with a role model like Forest who has already put together the best, most effective, and time efficient program, I know I will see results. With the quality of training and information that Forest puts out, I know that Body Weight Strong will be a program for all ages.

  • Roberto Ortiz

    With the type of work I do kettle bell and body weight exercises help me prepare for I may have to do! I’m getting older so the heavy weights are becoming less of my thing, kettle and body weight have given me better overall results. Thank You!

  • Tiana

    I’ve lost 37kgs to date and I’m looking for a new challenge… I’m trying to reshape my body, keep my motivation high and alleviate boredom… THis would be perfect!

  • Gas

    Hi Forest,

    I’ve got to admit that I’m a training freak though lately I’ve been hitting huge plateaus, lifting weights in the gym lately, so maybe a shift could boost my performance.
    I’m also planning to take a gap year and chances are that I won’t have access to any kind of gym. I won’t settle in a place, I’ll be travelling all the time so it’d be part and parcel to have the chance of training gymlessly, and everyday i do check your website in order to pick some cool kettlebells workouts and got to say that I really enjoy them. I can’t live without training but the problem is I always run out of ideas regarding how to train with my own bodyweight, which I know that improves every aspect.
    I’m really looking forward to get this programme and can’t wait to give it a shot,

  • I am losing my space where I held my boot camp classes for the past year because the lease is up and is too expensive to renew. I will be using a smaller warehouse in January and will be limited to space. I was going to invest in purchasing more kettle bells, jump ropes and battling ropes but I’m worried that they will get bored with the limited knowledge I have and I like to mix up each session to prevent boredom and overuse injuries. I am a former NPC figure competitor as well and found that I don’t have to “lift weights” any longer to keep my physique. People do not believe me when I tell them I just use my own body weight! I would love to educate my clients, my 3 kids and my husband that just because you don’t have a gym membership it is not an excuse to not train! Thank you for your informational emails and the dedication you show for your business and for your own training!

  • Renee

    I work 4 jobs as a Nuclear Medicine Tech & part of that jobs requires pulling call so I never know when I may or may not get a chance t get to the gym. With this guide, I could either get fit at home regardless of what time I get there or could even do them at work on breaks!
    Thanks in advance….

  • Anthony Brzowski

    Simply I am no spring chicken @ tomorrow 53 … I looking for ways to maintain a “do able” exercise program. Lifted weights for 35yrs. Have worked shift work for 30yrs and my different activities and stupidity over the yrs.. Is starting to catch up.. Starting using kettlebells 4 yrs ago to recover from a 20ft fall. After the accident I was unable to do even sit-ups or a 1/2 get up…Great recover tool but still have joint and muscular / tendon / ligament issues.. this may well be a good tool to enhance and if not overcome some of the remaining issue’s… Thanks

  • Mars

    I’m a college student who has struggled with losing weight in the past because a clear cut program costs money I don’t have and my hectic schedule doesn’t always me to get to the gym on a consistent basis. Getting Body Weight Strong as a gift would give me an outlet to release my stress and transform myself. Thanks for your posts and for this opportunity.

  • admin

    WOW – I am totally blown away with the response so far!

    THANK you so much for your great feedback. Keep it coming. It is going to be tough to pick a winner!

    – Forest

  • silas perreault

    I have no background of being overweight or any debilitating injuries. Ok, maybe being overweight in my teenage years. Anyways, I have been an average athlete my entire life, now proceeding into my late 20’s, I notice how much stress I have put on my body over the years. I have enjoyed the KB e-books and videos. I have recently started to transition my training into more functional and lighter loads as to my fitness goals have changed. I would love to learn some new techniques with body weight exercises, in order to maintain my muscle mass. I know youtube probably has a bunch of ideas, but I like to learn from the best in the fitness profession. Please consider this request. Thanks.

  • Nino

    Sounds good

  • I have dedicated the past 4 years almost exclusively to learning, training and teaching bodyweight calisthenic conditioning and rehabilitation to our patients and a select group of athletes. The results are what you would expect, steady strength gains along with a better sense of body awareness, reduced injuries, enhanced physical and athletic performance and reduction in pain in our patient population. I feel the next big thing might be clinical calisthenics to replace traditional costly and limited effectiveness “rehab”. I already have a good start in this and people like Forest Vance have been an inspiration for me to learn and apply ever more strategies to assist people in expressing greater levels of human potential. Life is good!

  • john adlington

    Hi 44yrs three kids..18..15..& now a newborn!!
    4 months old really..Iv been training for years & with kettlebells for
    the last 5..winning a copy of Bodyweight Strong would be a huge
    bonus for me to help keep up with my older two..the 18yr old is in
    army & the 15yr has been wrestling since he was 6 & has now started
    boxing..wants to fight in UFC…with the newborn coming up I need
    to keep in shape to keep up with them..thanks for your help..John

  • Dave F

    I spent many years in the U.S. Army and trained almost exclusively with bodyweight exercises. Now that I’ve been out a few years I’ve gotten a bit soft and lazy. I’d love to jump back into a program that will remind me of my glory days and help me return to the health and fitness level I enjoyed years ago.

  • mike

    I’ve trained in martial arts for many years along with weight training, and I need a change in my fitness program. I’ve listened to your advice on your page for quite some time and I truly respect all you have to say and I believe that your program is just what I need. I’m 55 years old and I’m not ready to throw in the towel. I hope you’ll consider me for the program. Until then Train hard and never say never.

  • sj

    Really need something new for workouts outside of the gum and in my fitness classes

  • Anthony

    Hi Forest and Assistant.

    I am simply blown away by the respones so far. What say you start here and give everyone a free copy? Seriously, there are so many deserving comments that the decision will be difficult; however I know we will accept it congratulate the winners.

    I’m 62 and trying to stay in reasonable shape. An avid golfer, I’m looking to pick up a few extra yards for next season. I want to lead my club team to the championship. While I’ve not really tried kettlebell training, I am becoming proficient in suspension trainig. In fact on a recent golf holiday to Myrtle Beach I sought out a gym and took in a few TRX classes. Bodyweight/Kettlebell workouts would provide me with the motivation and technical knowledge would go a long way in achieving my modest goals. I would work hard over the winter and remain reasonably injury-free. By the way, winter is very long here in Canada.

    So, there it is, my story. One of the hundreds your liking to receive. I would be grateful for the opportunity to receive this program.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Moma Mia the Heeby Jeeby Lift

    Hi Forest,

    Its not really my name, but I was hoping it would get your attention and make you smile. The heeby jeeby lift is another name I have adopted for the swing. I am an avid walker and have completed numerous half marathons power walking. I balance it with your kettle bell swings and basic exercises to give more of a body workout that power walking does not give. I love the KB’s because I don’t need anything else. You have a great program and I am looking for something that will help me get faster. I have a race in March and training outside is difficult this time of year. I believe that to keep walking will not make me faster. The body needs to be trained and pushed and then test that fitness at the race. I have 60+ year old women that I cannot keep up with, they are amazing. I would love to find that training mechanism that will help me blow by them at the next race and be an example to other young women when I am 60+. Until then, I will keep swinging the heeby jeebies out of my KB ; ) …. unless of course I win a free copy of Body Weight Strong.

  • ajit

    I have only done Body Weight exercises all my life and at 60+ years, it is good to learn absolutely ‘new ways’ to do them for better results, and change – unlike gyms, where it is easy to break monotony due to array of equipment available, in case of body weight it is not easy, that’s why.

  • J

    As a personal trainer I strive to challange my clients as much as possible. Bodyweight exercises are the perfect way to train in a functional way and make it fun!

  • Thomas Frank

    Having used progressively heavy weights that resulted in injuries that required time off to heal, I am a firm believer in the value of body weight exercises. Theyve helped me heal and recover faster than I expected. I look forward to reading your routines and applying them into my daily workouts – you’re a trusted source, keep on writing.

  • Jackie Banks

    Always looking for a great plan that uses little to no equipment. Effective and efficient is my motto and you seem to rock the concept!

  • Johnny Westby

    I train every day, and I always like to tray out new ideas. On the other side, I am coaching a fotball group up here in Norway, and I would love to give them something new to go at, så therefore I hope I would be one of the lucky ones. Good luck with your book anyway.

  • Scott

    Looking forward to the release of body weight strong!

  • Paul Moreau

    Would love a copy…

  • Walter

    As some of us age (51) now, we must continue to change/challenge our bodies and bodyweight training and Kettlebells are a welcome variation/s. I have been working on a 3 day on, one day off schedule for some time now with bodyweight and kettlebell workouts taking 2 of 3 days. The results have been very satisfying as i continue to shame the younger guys at my gym with my fitness level at twice their age.

    never give up.

  • Michael Jue

    I am looking forward to Body Weight Strong.

  • Alex Turnamian

    This sounds like it could be an excellent program for any athletes in the MMA, Boxing ,and Wrestling that are looking for a good in-season program, that wouldn’t take up as much time , energy or equipment as a program of weights and kettlebells do. It would probably make recovery quicker and easier as well, not to mention a good change-up to prevent boredom.

  • gcook

    I need something that both my son, who is in middle school, and I can use together without having to use heavy free-weights. Too often with free-weights you need a spotter. With Body Weight Strong, I’m hoping that I can improve my physique and health while showing my son that he too can benefit from dumbbells and kettleballs without having to use the standard regiment of free-weights.

  • Mike WoodI-

    I am a trainer, and love using body weight exercises with my clients! I would love some new ideas for my arsenal!!

  • admin

    Man, this is incredible. I am so blown away at all the great responses and valuable feedback you have provided so far!!

    Keep it coming – this helps us not only pick a winner for this contest, but with future creation of blog posts, videos, and products that will help you reach your goals.

    We’ll keep the contest open for another 12 hours or so … and then we’ll have to shut registration down and pick a couple of winners.

    Thanks again –


  • Martin

    G’day from Tasmania, Australia!
    As a recently qualified personal trainer at the age of 62 I want to inspire other people to live the way I have been over the last 5 years.
    The right diet, kettle bell and body weight training has changed my life.I am proof that there is no such word as can’t.

  • Henry Myers Jr.

    Love your products

  • Kathy

    I am 53 and keep up with most 20years my junior. Life is busy and I would love a program that is as easy as turn it on and do it. But I also need it to be doubly effective. I love working out as much of my body in one move (multitasking 🙂 It would also be nice to have a workout dvd that my husband would Join me in doing. (I think he finds the Girl instructor video’s not relative to him) Please pick us for the free workout, We would love to use this for our New Years resolution… workout together and get fit (ter)
    Kathy & John

  • Jack

    Good morning

    I just had knee replacement surgery a year ago, on the road to recovery.

    I’m 66 years old a little overweight I think this would be a great way to get back into shape since there are certain things I can’t do with my knees.

    Thank you

    Looking forward to your next newsletter

  • William

    I live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have to work two jobs to make ends meet. This system sounds like the perfect tool to allow me to train in my garage when I can’t make it to the gym with my hectic schedule. Thanks Forrest for creating variety to still keep it interesting.

  • Dave


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