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I hope you had a VERY Merry Christmas, and are enjoying this special time of year with friends and family!

Today, I have an article and video for you from my new friend Dennis Heenan.

Dennis and I are both former college athletes, and we share similar training philosophies.

He is all about progression in workout programming, which I love. If you have been a subscriber to my email newsletter for any length of time, you have heard me talk about this.  The concept of making sure you’re getting better every training session and not just training “for the sake of it”, so to speak, is SO key to your continued training progress.

Another thing that you will hear Dennis talk about in today’s article (and experience in his sample workout) is Threshold Training – an awesome concept that I love the idea of, and am going to start experimenting with in my personal workouts right away.

Dennis is also in great shape – so when he talks about getting super lean, you should listen if that is your goal … because he IS super lean himself!!

Enjoy this article and video!

– Forest


Strength and Threshold: Why You Need them Both

by Dennis Heenan
author, Superhero Body

When it comes to getting super lean, there are two main principles that each of the workouts you do must follow.

Before I reveal what those are, I first want to explain how I stumbled across these powerful strategies…

See, after finishing up my collegiate basketball career, I went through about 3 straight months where I didn’t see any results from the workouts I was doing.

This was incredibly frustrating as I still had that competitive edge (and still do…) and was trying to build lean muscle while keeping my body fat low at the same time.

The problem was that I was going about my workouts in the completely wrong fashion.

First off, I had stopped progressing. I wasn’t focused on getting stronger with each workout. Essentially, I was just working out for the sake of working out like most gym-goers…

The second part of the problem came to me after doing a sprinting workout, when I realized that I hadn’t pushed my anaerobic limits in quite some time.

After both of these realizations took place, watching others get stalled in their workouts, and studying athlete and celebrity workouts for hours on end… I came up with a simple yet powerful solution.

Why not focus on strength and threshold training in the same workout? So that’s exactly what I started doing…

In short, I started training like an athlete again and near immediately my results went through the roof.

Listen, if you want to start transforming your body, there are two key aspects you must focus on with every workout:

1) You must get stronger in every workout that you go through.

This means doing more reps than the time before, lifting more weight, performing an exercise for more seconds, etc.

Any way that you can push your body to get stronger than the time before will ensure you continue seeing great results.

2) The second aspect is strategically pushing your anaerobic threshold.

Look at a sprinters workout… They go all out for 10-40 seconds, rest and repeat. This is what you need to do too.

In a study done by Experimental Biology, researchers learned that individuals who worked out closer to their anaerobic threshold, saw maximal fat utilization.

This means they were able to burn more fat while maintaining their hard earned lean muscle… Exactly what we want right?

So how can you do this in a workout? Well, it’s simple really. Take a look at the workout I put together for you below as an example of how to perform a strength/threshold workout (sample fro the Superhero Body program):


Go from one exercise to the next with no rest in between. Rest up to 90 seconds between full rounds and complete 3 full times.

  • Split Squat or Bulgarian Split Squat: 30 seconds each side
  • Decline or Regular Pushups: 30 seconds
  • Squat Jumps or Squat to Toes: 30 seconds
  • Sprints in Place or Mountain Climbers: Push as hard as you can for as long as you can until you feel your body slowing down.

Rest up to 90 seconds and repeat 3 total times.

As you can see, we are stacking 3 different strength exercises with one super high intensity anaerobic exercise.

By doing this, we are allowing our bodies to build strength AND burn a ton of fat at the same time.

Now I will warn you, this style of training is super intense, however you can do it in under 30-minutes 3-4 days per week. Can’t be that…

That’s what it’s all about… Building lean muscle and burning fat at the same time.

If you are interested in more workouts just like this, be sure to check out The Superhero Body by clicking HERE.

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