Pull Up Ladders

Today, we’re going to talk about pull up ladders.

Pull up ladders are a great way to increase your strength. I’ve had numerous clients over the years that using this training technique with has gotten them from doing one or two pull ups up to six or seven in a very short amount of time.

(BTW – pull up ladders are an example of the simple – but EFFECTIVE – body weight training tips and techniques I cover in my new Body Weight Strong program.)

Learn how to use pull up ladders in your training in the video below:

(video recap)

If you can do say, three pull ups right now, you’ll start off by doing one single pull up. Start with that one pull up then rest thirty seconds. Now do two pull ups and rest for about 45 seconds. Do three pull ups and rest for 60-90 seconds and then repeat.

If you want to keep the workout going you can do a plank hold in between sets. If you can do six or seven pull ups you can do a ladder of 2-4-6. If you can’t do any pull ups, put a box in front of you and use your foot to push off the box with one leg and boost yourself up over the bar.

Do that two or three times a week and watch your pull up numbers go through the roof!

– Forest Vance
author, Body Weight Strong

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    Love the neutral grip!!-better for your shoulders
    Ralph 63 year old gray head

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