Barbell Complex Workout

Holy smokes.

I knocked out this “Six by Six” Challenge Complex workout a few hours ago – and was SHOCKED at how smoked I was:

See, I used to do a lot of barbell and dumbbell complexes in my “former life” pro football days, but for whatever reason have gotten away from them for the last few years. I really forgot how difficult and straight-up metabolically challenging they are.

In this workout for example, you do six different movements for six reps each – bent rows, deadlifts, high pulls, front squats, push presses and burpees – in a ROW without setting the bar down. This results in a lot of work done in a real short amount of time – making for a brutal a@@ and SERIOUSLY effective training session.

I am going to be using these things in my own workouts and with my boot campers on a LOT more frequent basis for sure.

A fitness expert friend of mine (Shawna Kaminski – you remember her, right?) came out with a new program this week that’s a great resource if you are looking to do the same.

=> Learn more about the new Challenge Complexes program by clicking here

Complexes can be used:

– to replace HIIT with amazing strength building workouts
– to perfect lifting technique while burning fat
– to maintain and improve your strength
– as a stand-alone workout OR to incorporate into your program as “cardio” on your day off

And in this program, you are going to get 35 of them. Workouts like:

– Enough Already
– Rack It!
– Monkey on Your Back
– Challenge Limbo
– Never Quit
– I Dare Ya
– Make That a Combo
– Man Up or ‘Wo-Man’ Up
– Meat and Potato Complex
– Rist and Fuw

These are perfect for new fresh workout ideas to keep the results coming. And keeping your workouts fun and interesting and exciting is what it’s all about, right?

BUT if you want the best deal on this program, you gotta act quick.  The price goes up at midnight tonight.

=> Click here to grab the Challenge Complexes program NOW for less than twenty bucks


Okay, that’s it for now.  Pick up a copy of that program, and start enjoying the benefits of challenge complex training today.

Train hard, and talk soon –


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