How to Get STRONG … With Just Your Own Body Weight

Logan Christopher demonstrating a handstand pushup

Think you can’t get strong with just your own body weight? Think again.

You CAN use body weight – only training to gain strength … IF you know how to set up your workouts properly.

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Now, here is a basic outline of how you would set up your body weight workout for gaining strength. It looks very simple … but done consistently over a period of time, it is VERY effective.

I have left out some of the details, but this gives you the overview of what a training day would look like:


Body Weight STRENGTH Workout

Five reps of each exercise, five sets each, done circuit -style, but taking plenty of rest between movements.

Work your progressions, and choose the hardest version you can handle of each exercise WITHOUT hitting failure.

knee push up -> regular push up -> feet elevated push up -> lever/shifting push up

“fat man” pull up -> band assisted pull up -> regular pull up -> weight added (if available) pull up

split squat -> Bulgarian split squat -> pistol squat -> weight added (if available) pistol
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Thanks for reading, train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, RKC

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