6 Minute 6 Pack Abs Workout

Watch the video below to learn how you can get 6 pack abs in just 6 minutes:

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Also important to note – NO crunches or sit ups in this one.  Short, sweet, safe on the back, and EFFECTIVE.

Thanks for sharing Craig and Brian.

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PS – Yesterday I shared a short personal story on the impact Craig’s original Turbulence Training program has had on my workout programming (and actually training style as a whole).  If you missed that one, you can see it HERE

 PPS – I also have a written transcription of the video above if you prefer to read instead of watch:

(video recap)

Six pack abs in six minutes. Who works out their abs in six minutes? We do!

We’re going to show you a template for setting up six minute ab workouts. We’re going to use what I call the trinity of ab movements. One for stretches, one for lower abdominals and one for your obliques. These are total body ab exercises so we don’t do any crunches or situps. But we use exercises that stretch the abs and then you contract them hard so you get muscle soreness and that’s how you build your six pack abs. Then we use movements that come from the bottom up and then we finish off with obliques.

What you’re going to do when setting up these six minute ab workouts as we’ve done in our programs at Turbulence Training, is you’re going to set up each exercise in in circuit fashion. So we stretch, lower and oblique then maybe a short rest and you’ll go through that one more time and that’s it! It’ll take about six minutes and you’ll be done. You’ll train twice a week for abs – that’s it – you don’t need to do thirty minutes a day. It’s a waste of your time.

Let’s start with a couple of our favorite stretching exercises. First off, standing fallout with TRX. There’s the stretch that we’re looking for with strong contraction. Stretching on the way out – that gives you the muscle soreness. You can also do it kneeling. This is a little bit of an intermediate/advanced exercise whereas that first one is more advanced. But again, a great stretch here. You can also use a power wheel or an ab wheel or stability ball for the same exercise. You’ll get that same stretch motion. Out you go – and back in. I like the power wheel – it’s better on the rotator cuff than the ab wheel which can be very stressful to the rotator cuff. The stability ball is even easier on the rotator cuff and it is still a great exercise.

So those are our stretching type exercises.

Next we’ll put our feet in the TRX as we bring our abs into a plank position and we bring our legs up towards the chest. That does contract from the bottom up. So our lower abs are come up towards our upper abs. So you can do a jackknife or a single mountain climber. Piking is another great exercise that’s very difficult. If you don’t have a TRX you can do regular mountain climbers. A stability ball jackknife is another great way to go from the bottom up.

Now we finish off with an exercise from our oblique section. We’ll do cross-body mountain climbers first. So he’s bringing his opposite knee to his opposite elbow. Then we’ll do a traditional side plank. Don’t underestimate the value of this exercise for working your obliques. Abs braced, nice and strong. Hold that position with your hips in a straight line. It’s a classic exercise for core stability, abdominal endurance and it really does work your obliques hard.

Don’t discount is just because it isn’t super exciting!

So choose three exercises – one from each group. Do them in a circuit, each exercise for 30-45 seconds each. Minimal rest and then we repeat that circuit and you are done. If you have one that you do on Monday and one that you do on Friday – two different six minute workouts that’s all the ab training you need. Then you need to slash your belly fat through your diet and resistance training. Then you’ll get rid of that belly fat and see those six pack abs.

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  • I absolutely love your stuff. I put them into my Boot Camp..

  • amit mandhare

    I do not want kettelbell exersize can you give barbell workout and i have lowerback pain can we download the videos if yes how?

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    Thanks Gina! Really appreciate the kind words. Keep training hard!

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    Hey Amit –

    Thanks for the comment.

    So the content I post on this blog is mostly on the topic of kettlebell training. I also do mix in body weight training info, nutrition, etc. Hope that helps and you know what to expect.

    And to answer your other question, no, the free videos provided here on the site cannot be downloaded.

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    Thanks I had mailed you my workout please reply

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    Thanks Amit – just emailed you back.

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