The best KB program is the one you believe in

I’ve been getting a TON of emails with variations on what is basically the same question over the last few weeks.

So I thought I’d write up a quick post with my answer for everyone’s benefit.

This question is – “what is the BEST KB program for my specific (fat loss/muscle gain/etc.) fitness goal(s)?”

My answer is always the same – and that is, the best program is the one you believe in.

What I mean by that answer is this. LOTS of programs work. Over the last 15+ years, I’ve personally tried almost every different workout approach you could think of – traditional high-volume body building stuff, HIIT, super slow, olympic lifting, Crossfit, kettlebells, body weight – only … etc., etc., etc. …

I’ve also trained thousands upon thousands of people over that same time period in person in the Sacramento, CA area, and online all around the world …

And I can tell you without hesitation that you can get great results with ALL of these approaches, and many more.

If the program follows solid, time-tested principles, and is intelligently designed and well thought-out, it’s going to work. So much of it has to do with if you BELIEVE it will work, and correspondingly how much mental and physical energy and attention you put into it.

So that’s my message for you today.  Find a program that’s well-thought out and intelligently designed, one that’s put together with YOUR specific goals in mind (fat loss muscle gain, etc.), one that you LIKE and can get fired up about – and just GO with it and give it all you got!!  And if you can do that, I promise you, you’ll get better results than you ever thought you could.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the rest of your weekend, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, RKC


PS – FYI, this is why I frequently recommend different programs from friends and colleagues of mine in the industry. They are ALL great programs – otherwise I wouldn’t bring them to your attention in the first place. I know certain ones are going to resonate with certain people, and certain ones aren’t – and that’s okay. I don’t expect you to buy all of them. My job at the end of the day is simply to help you reach your goals … and in the process filter out the crap … and in turn pass on cool stuff that I think you could benefit from.

PPS – I just updated the “products” page here on the blog with some of my top program recommendations – you can check that out HERE

What are your thoughts on this topic?  Make sure to leave ’em in the comments section below!

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