Killer “1-2 Punch” That Crushes Traditional HIIT Workouts

Oh man.

In case you missed yesterday’s email, I shared with you a workout that I did myself, from my friend Travis Stoetzel’s Garage Built Body program.

=> See the program here

I’m still recovering today :)

In any case, the idea behind his program is a full system of progressively built workouts that you can do in 24 minutes or less with just a set of kettlebells (or dumbbells) and your own bodyweight.

And it’s this style of training that will not only blast away unwanted body fat, but will also build lean muscle, and get you stronger. Something that 99.9% of HIIT routines will NOT do.

So Travis was cool enough to send me an article to share with you that explains more about his training ideas, and gives you some sample techniques to try out yourself, whether you end up grabbing his program or not.


– Forest


Killer “1-2 Punch” That Crushes Traditional HIIT Workouts

By Travis Stoetzel

Author, Garage Built Body

Hardcore Strength Coach

CSCS, 110% H.A.M. Certified


Now, when it comes to “High Intensity Interval Training” or HIIT as it’s widely known as, there’s no secret that it’s OK at getting you lean.

But, what tends to be the Achilles heal for people when it comes to HIIT is it’s used all too much.

In other words, people abuse “the HIIT”.

If all you do are short HIIT type workouts over and over with no strategic type of strength, muscle building, or power work, you’ll find yourself getting run down, beat up, and worst of all, WEAK.

No worries to this as I have a SOLUTION to help prevent any of this from happening to you, but before I share with you my powerful “1-2 Punch” that will help you not only shred more fat, plus build more strength and muscle as well, I need to ask you a quick question….

You ever do those “INTENSE” home workouts and see a little bit of progress in the beginning only to see yourself slip and start to roll backwards just after a few weeks?

Yeah that’s more than likely due to an overdose of HIIT…

What you need to do is to look at “HIIT” as a delicacy kind of like a high quality dark chocolate, fine wine, or a high-end jar of premium caviar would be.

While these are all great in small doses, too much of these fine delicacies can get to be too rich for one’s taste and become a little bit overwhelming.

To have the most enjoyment out of these delicacies, moderation is KEY.

The same goes for getting the BEST results possible with your “HIIT” training as well.

So, what should you do?

Well, the first thing you should do is cut back on your overall amount of “HIIT” routines per week.

YES, you can keep in a few HIIT routines in your training, but remember, moderation is key.

But, in order to get the BEST results possible, you’ll want to add in some properly programmed muscle and strength work as well.

This tends to be “the black hole” people have within their training program and if you want to avoid going backwards with your progress by doing way too much HIIT and not enough muscle and strength focused work, then pay attention to the 2 different set ups I’m about to share with you.

Now, as I titled this article, I like to refer to these as my “1-2 Punch” that when properly used within your training program will smoke any type of HIIT training that’s out there.

The BEST is when you combine these 2 methods of training with HIIT in the right way, it’s like putting your HIIT on steroids (seriously).

Either way, enough chat!

Let’s get into these two unique and powerful set-ups so you can give them a try.


Set Up 1 – Density Acclimation Training (DAS)

The first set up I use because I want you to gain MORE strength and power, plus force your body to maintain and build more lean muscle.

The overall goals of DAS Days are to help you increase overall conditioning via VOLUME density sets. This is where we’ll get most of our muscle-building action in via increased volume and progressive acclimation over time.

With this type of set up, each week you’ll add in more volume because the more you do this, the more you’ll force your body into exploding with new muscle growth.

One of my perfect set ups to use with DAS are timed circuits, but these aren’t your typical circuits…

Each unique DAS workout is set up with “Density AMRAP Sets” where overtime your goal is to get in “as many reps and sets as possible” for each movement listed within your specialized circuit.

Overtime, you’ll become more acclimated to the circuits, which will allow you to get in more volume in the same amount of time and when you do more work in the same amount of time, that’s when your body will grow!

Here’s an example set up you can use for yourself:

8 Min Density AMRAP Set Of:

a) Bodyweight Squat –> Squat Jump x 3

b) Push Ups –> Push Ups Off Of KB’s or DB’s x 5

c) Single Arm Bent KB or DB Rows x 10 / Arm –> Double KB or DB Bent Row x 10

***(–>) Signifies PROGRESSION in movement

Now what you would do here is try and get in as many full rounds or reps as possible within 8 minutes.

You’d rest when need be, but your focus would be on getting in as much work / volume done as possible.

Creates a nice little challenge for you ;)

To progress this, you could do 1 of a few things…

a) Do the same set up the following week, but try to get in MORE total work / volume.

b) Increase the total time allowed for the density circuit (example – increase to 10 minutes from 8)

c) Increase the difficulty of the movements via using more advanced movement variations or heavier loading

There’s a whole bunch of ways to attack it, but as long as you progress each week, you’ll see steady and progressive gains.


Set Up 2 – Strength / Repeats (SR)

The second set up I use is made up of a specialized repeat-interval protocol known at “Every Minute On The Minute” (E.M.O.T.M.’s).

With this, there can be lot of different set ups used with low rep strength work, power based training, or even a combination of the two.

All geared to get you bigger and stronger while also shredding fat.

SR days serve as a great means to increasing your ability to produce more power and get strong as the E.M.O.T.M. set up allows for strategic rest breaks.

This is a must in order to train with heavier loads as well as being as explosive as possible because when you’re always training at a fast pace with little to no rest (such as you do with HIIT routines), it’s hard to

get in quality focused strength and power work which becomes a major problem.

SR Days ELIMINATE this issue…

To check this out for yourself, here’s an example set up you can use:

E.M.O.T.M. x 8 Mins

a) Odd Minute: Assisted Pull Up –> Pull Up –> Chest To Bar Pull Ups x 3-5

b) Even Minute: Kettlebell (or Dumbbell) Strict Military Press –> Increase Load x 3-5

***(–>) Signifies PROGRESSION in movement

Now, what you would first do is set a timer so you can keep track of time.

For the first minute, you’d do 3-5 reps of Chest To Bar Pull Ups. If you can’t do those, you’d simply regress to an easier variation of Pull Up.

After you get in your 3-5 reps, you’d REST for the remaining amount of the minute.

Once the top of the minute came back around, you’d go to your Military Press variation and do that for 3-5 reps focusing in on going as HEAVY as you could for that movement in order to work strength. You’d again rest the remaining amount of the minute then switch back to your Pull Ups.

You’d repeat this for 8 total minutes or until you got 4 rounds completed of each movement.

These set ups have all been combined and designed to MAXIMIZE your TIME as well as your RESULTS while training.

In other words, what these two specialized types of training protocols will allow you to do is to get in the right amount of quality strength, power, and muscle building work needed in order to get the BEST results possible.

It’s all PROVEN better than just doing a bunch of random HIIT routines or circuits.



MAN that is some good stuff.

I am TOTALLY behind what Travis is saying – it’s all about balance with your HIIT training sessions. And incorporating them in the way that Travis talks about in this article is brilliant.

And, if you enjoyed today’s article, and want to learn more about Travis’ full program, you can do that here:

=> Garage Built Body

Thanks for reading, train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, RKC

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  • Scott Micciche

    This is great, Forest, but seriously needs a translation layer for all the acronyms, exercises, repetitions, sets, etc. Maybe a matrix of some kind or a tl;dr section.

    I’ll try as many of these as I can, thanks for posting.

  • admin

    Glad you liked the article, Scott!

    Good point, very true.

    One quick thing you could do while we work on that is take a look at Travis’ website here:

    He talks about a lot of the exercises he does, acronyms he uses, etc. there on his blog.

    Hope that helps!

    – Forest

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