The MAXIMIZED Minimalist Approach To Continuous Fat Loss

One of the challenges when people first start out with kettlebell training is the thought of having to invest in several different size kettlebells. I went through this at first, and then I learned a new trick to MAXIMIZE my results with MINIMAL equipment.

This one trick makes it so that you can get continued fat loss results without having to get heavier weights. And the best part is, when you use this trick, it practically FORCES fat loss.

What is this trick? Read the short guest article below and watch the video which contains 3 different workouts for you to try out.


The #1 Trick That FORCES Fat Loss
By Tyler Bramlett, Creator Of The CT-50 System

If you really want to get the best results possible with your workouts, forget about sets, reps, intervals and intensity because if that’s all you’re focusing on, your missing the real secret to consistent and effortless fat loss.

In fact, everyone who has succeeded to lose weight and keep it off has used this trick and now I am gonna expose it, so you can bust through plateaus and start getting the best results possible today!

Plus, in order for you to really understand this trick I also made a special video for you that has not 1 or 2 but 3 different workouts that use this trick.

So … What is the trick I’m talking about?

Simple… Instead of focusing on sets, reps, weights or anything else… The single most important factor in you shredding up and losing bodyfat is whether or not you are increasing your movement complexity.

That’s right, if you aren’t steadily making your exercises harder and more complex, you aren’t getting the best results possible. Let me ask you this question…

Who has the better body? The person who can do 50 two arm swings with a 35lb kettlebell… Or… The person who can do 50 one arm snatches with each arm with the same size kettlebell.

In the example above, form, follows function. The more complex the movements you have mastery over, the better results you will get. And this isn’t just for kettlebell exercises either. In fact you can break down just about every exercise into steps using Progressive Movement Technology and then all you will have to do to FORCE YOUR BODY TO CHANGE, is focus on climbing the ladder of movement.

Below is an example of 3 different workouts. Each workout is similar accept the exercises become harder and harder for each level. This means as the workouts change, YOU CHANGE!

Watch this workout video below, give them each a shot and you will then understand how the trick I’m talking about (Progressive Movement Technology) will work to coax your body into continuous and sustained fat loss!


Sweet article from my man Tyler (AKA, The Garage Warrior) about what it really takes to send the proper signals to your body to FORCE TRANSFORMATION.

If this interests you, I highly recommend you check out Tyler’s new system called CT-50. It features his Progressive Movement Technology which signals your body to burn fat effortlessly and keep it off for good!

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