Tactical Pull Up Basics

I’ve got another quick pull up tip for you today.

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Ok, now – on to our pull up tip for the day … first, watch the video below … then read the recap below it:

(video recap)

If you’re used to doing bodybuilding style pull ups, you’re probably doing the exercise where you have your legs back behind you and you’re leading with your chest to the bar.

It looks something like this … (bodybuilding style pull up demonstration in video above)

That’s fine. It’s a good exercise to isolate the muscles in your back, and it’s an okay way to do it. But the tactical pull up engages ALL of the muscles in our body. It’s much more functional when it comes to applying the movement to real-life activities.

For example, if this were a wall, I’d use a thumbless grip and instead of being arched back or leading with the chest I’m bringing the shoulders forward slightly. I’m engaging all of the muscles in the front of my body and pulling myself up over the bar.

Let’s say you do mud runs or something where you have to hop over a wall, this type of pull up is much more effective.

The tip is to try and train yourself so you can engage all the muscles in the front of your body when you are doing a tactical pull up. So instead of letting your abs relax and being in this backwards arched position, tense up your abs, your quads and get everything super tight and then it becomes a full body movement. I’m even using some power breathing there to get myself up over the bar.

I hope this tip helps you get more out of your tactical pull ups!!

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