BW/DB Metabolic Density Training Circuit (video)

We’ve been talking about short-duration, high-intensity cardio training a lot this week.

Today, I have a metabolic density training circuit workout for you to try that follows this exact approach.

See it at the link below:

=> Metabolic Density Training Circuit

A recent Australian study reported that those that followed high intensity bouts of exercise with extremely short rest periods (just 12 seconds) lost 6 times more body fat than the group that followed a 40-minute cardio program.

And that’s one of the secrets behind the approach taken in the workout you’ll find above.

All you need for this circuit is a single dumbbell, but you’ll see some body weight substitutions, too.

Exercise # 1 is a weird lower body and conditioning exercise

Exercise # 2 will challenge your core, but give your upper body a challenge

Exercise # 3 is an awesome low impact conditioning exercise.

Try it out here (video) => Density circuit finisher to bust ANY plateau

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, CPT, RKC II

PS – The video above is from my friend Mike Whitfield … I’m sure you’ve heard me mention his name before, but he is a great guy, and a highly trusted fitness expert colleague of mine. In fact, I was just talking with him last week in Las Vegas about the new program he’s put together, that you’ll also find out more about when you click the link above … and just FYI, it ROCKS. I got a copy and have already been using the workouts myself and with my training clients. So if you enjoy the workout in the video above, make sure to at least check out his full program.

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