Challenge Jump Rope Sample Workout

A few weeks ago, I was hearing a ton of buzz about a new program on the market – Challenge Jump Rope from my friend Shawna Kaminski.

Back in my pro football days, jumping rope was something we literally did almost every day in training, and I LOVED it – but in recent years, for whatever reason I have gotten away from it.

So I purchased a copy of the program for myself – and I’m really enjoying encorporating the workouts into both my own personal routines, and into my fitness boot camp classes.

I had to reach out to Shawna to thank her for putting together this unique program that puts a new twist on this ‘old school’ method.

And she offered to put together a video ESPECIALLY for you, a loyal FVT newlsetter reader! How awesome!

Check it out, and give the workout a go yourself. I think you’ll really like it :)

Challenge Jump Rope Sample Workout

Also – to learn more about the Challenge Jump Rope program – and to pick up a copy (at a great discount, I might add 😉 ) – click HERE.

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon –


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