Body Weight “Double or Nothing” Accelerator Workout

I have a new body weight workout for you today.

But before I break it down for you, I thought I would take you through the process of how I acually put together a training session and plan out my workouts over time – so you can see how you would best use a workout/sequence/accelerator/whatever you want to call it ;) like this one.

Typically I will follow a training plan – based around whatever goals I am training for at the time – for a four week period. This is how I put together sessions for my personal training and boot camp clients as well.

This way, I have some consistency … and I can make continual progress over time. But it also allows me to switch up my programming so that 1) my body doesn’t adapt to what I’m doing and 2) I am able to just keep things interesting and exciting.

So for example, right now, I am trying to add a little lean muscle, build a “base” of strength before I start some more specific training for a obstacle race I am planning on doing in about three months, and also stay feeling and moving great at the same time (a given for a somewhat beat-up ex-athlete like me ;) ).

Today’s workout is going to consist of:

– Dynamic warm up/body weight “flow” sequence
– Four Turkish get ups each side, w/ presses during the movement, working up to max weight on last set
– Plank-to-push ups, supersetted w/ double KB goblet squats

Now. I DO switch things up with my workouts each time – but just a little. The key to make this approach work though, is to do it in a specific way.

You have to make sure to follow the CORE of what you are doing in a particular plan. As an example, I follow the main template of the workout I listed out above, and try to get better and stronger and those movements each week during the cycle.

But I might add in a different warm up. Or, a different “finisher”-type sequence at the end of the training session – as I am going to share with you today.

This way you can mix things up, keep your body “guessing”, and keep things interesting and exciting!

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, and you best understand how you might use a session like today’s – here we go –


Body Weight “Double or Nothing” Accelerator Workout
from the Fat Loss Accelerators program

Perform each of the following exercises in order with no rest. At the end of the series, rest for 30 seconds. In round 2, double your reps and halve your rest time (15s). In round 3, double your reps again.

– lateral ski jumps x 4/8/16
– spiderman push ups x 4/8/16
– box jumps (could sub squat jumps if no box) x 4/8/16
– crossover walks (set up a DB or KB on the ground; get in push up position on one side of it; walk your hands over the top and to one side of it; then walk them back, all while staying in a perfect push up position) x 4/8/16
– diagonal chops x 4/8/16
– body weight squat x 4/8/16

**Just a quick note – you could ALSO use this session as a quick sub if you don’t have time for your normal workout, or in place of a cardio session on an off day.

There is your body weight – based “double or nothing” accelerator workout. Enjoy it – and keep in mind that it is BEST used as 1) a “finisher” at the end of your current routine 2) a quick sub in place of your normal workout 3) in place of a cardio session on an off day.

Hope this breakdown and explaination was helpful for you, and talk soon –


PS – If you enjoyed this workout, be sure to check out the full Fat Loss Accelerators program HERE

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