Beginner/Intermediate Kettlebell Swing Form Tip + ‘Quick Fix’ (video)

In the video below, I cover a common kettlebell swing form mistake.

This mistake is typically made by beginner and intermediate KB trainees – but you might even be doing it if you’re “more advanced”.

It’s actually the cause of many unnecessary problems that CAN stem from the KB swing – but SHOULDN’T – including lower back pain.

Watch the video below to see what it is – and your ‘quick fix’ for it:


Beginner/Intermediate Kettlebell Swing Form Tip + ‘Quick Fix’

(Video Recap)

I’ve got a quick tip for you today to improve your kettlebell swing form.

This is a fix to a mistake that I see all the time in our kettlebell boot camps and with my personal training clients.

First, let me show you what a proper kettlebell swing should look like.

You can see that I’m swinging the ‘bell back and it is coming above my knee level. What you want to avoid is swinging the weight too low to the ground and going below the knees.

I get the ‘bell tight to the frame and as close to my body as I can. Get the hips out of the way at the last minute.

You only make the mistake once of swinging it too high and hitting yourself :)

This will make for a much tighter arc and makes for more efficient movement. It’ll also take the pressure off your lower back which is probably the #1 cause of back pain when doing kettlebell swings…….which you shouldn’t be getting, by the way!

Questions ?  Leave ’em in the ‘comments’ section below!!

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  • Excellent tip, Forest! That makes perfect sense, and I need to pay more attention in my own swings. Thank you sir!

  • admin

    You got it Steve! Happy to help!

    – Forest

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