3 “Metabolic Secrets” from Bodyweight Flow

I have a guest article for you today, but first, a quick personal story …

As you may or may not know, I’m a former pro athlete. I had a “cup of coffee” in the NFL as they say, with short stints in both Green Bay and Kansas City.

That, along with five years of college ‘ball, playing multiple sports at the high school level, and being involved in athletics from a very young age, took its toll on my body.

And now, at the age of 32, I’m not going to lie, I’m starting to feel it a little bit. Until recently, I would wake up most mornings feeling like I got hit by a truck. That is, until over the last year or so. I recently have gotten into some alternative training methods that have made a HUGE difference.

Now some days I still do feel pretty beat up, particularly the day after a hard core workout. BUT – I now feel more supple and flexible. Many of my chronic aches and pains have disappeared. And most importantly, I now have the strategies I need to keep them at bay – AND still hit the workouts hard when I want to.

Today’s article is from Sylvia Favela & Tyler Bramlett, creators of the Bodyweight Flow program. This program is ALL ABOUT the alternative training methods I’m talking about. If you are experiencing aches and pains like me, this is HUGE. It is an amazing compliment to your KB training. And it’s a component that is quite honestly missing from most people’s fitness routine.



3 “Metabolic Secrets” to burn fat 21% faster
by Sylvia Favela & Tyler Bramlett
Creators, Bodyweight Flow

Ever wonder why two people can be doing the same workout, but one gets faster results while the other struggles without seeing any positive results.

We immediately blame having bad genetics for not being able to reach their full fat loss potential.

The average person only taps into 30% of their potential muscle control, compared to that of 50% that the elite athletes can easily access.

You are about to discover these secrets to unlocking your genetic potential and tap into your metabolic burning phase while accessing every muscle fiber in your body.


MiS Secret #1 Your Contraction Control

Many programs available in the fitness world give you the steps and guide to following a workout but there’s a missing component.

There is no guide or instructions telling you how to recruit every muscle to get the most of out a workout. Essentially your “Contraction Control”, how hard your can fire your muscle to unleash your fat burning potential and physical performance.

When you learn to activate and recruit unused muscles you increase your physical potential to access more muscle than you normally would.

As you work through a movement with complete control and proper form your fat burning potential and metabolic state skyrockets.


To learn more about Syliva and Tyler’s Bodyweight Flow system, click HERE


MiS Secret #2 Strategic Range of Motion

Lacking or limited flexibility and full range of motion holds you back from getting the most out of your exercise. If you are squatting and you can’t go deep because you lack the range of motion or flexibility it limits your results.

Whereas having full range of motion as we describe in the Metabolic Ignition Sequences. The more ROM you have the more fat you can burn on any exercise and that’s by taking your body through an entire move.


MiS Secret #3 Coordination

If you don’t have the ability to control your body through a movement you wont be able to fire the muscles needed to hold your position, plus if you are lacking the range of motion to progress through the movement.

The more coordination you have the better results you’ll get from every workout.

But, the good news if you no longer have to struggle trying to figure out how to get the most out of your workouts and finally get better results from any workout you love.

The series of specific sequences in the MiS System take only 2-3 minutes to complete. Easy to follow strings of movements designed to take your body through full range of motions with control and coordination.

Easily plug them into your daily workout week to accelerate your results. These Metabolic Ignition Sequences may look easy but are surprisingly intense.


Awesome stuff guys. Thanks so much for sharing.

I am a true believer in the techniques and methods covered in Tyler and Syliva’s program. These methods have quite literally changed my life. And the package they have put together for you is top notch. To learn more about Syliva and Tyler’s Bodyweight Flow system, click HERE.

– Forest

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