Fat Loss Accelerators 15 Minute Dumbbell Challenge Workout

Got a guest post and video for you today from my friend Kate Vidulich. Enjoy!

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15 minute DB Challenge Workout
by Kate Vidulich, author, Fat Loss Accelerators

Today is your lucky day. I have a special Fat Loss Accelerators workout you can try. The cool thing is, you only need a single pair of dumbbells. It’s set up as a complex, meaning you move from one exercise to the next without any rest in between. You use the same weight for the entire circuit.

Warning: this is not for the faint-hearted. But if you’re looking for rapid fat loss and willing to take on this extreme challenge, you will see fast, sexy results.

Workout Plan

Perform each of the following in order with no rest, and without putting the weight down. Continue the series for 4 minutes. Rest for 90 seconds. Repeat for a total of 3 rounds:

A) Push Ups to Renegade row x 8

B) Squat Thrust to Deadlift x 8

C) DB Squat to Press x 8

D) Lateral Lunges x 8

Complex training is THE way to go, if you’re looking to change your body, get in great overall shape, and be ready for whatever life throws at you.

More importantly, you can add Fat Loss Accelerators workouts to your current training program to replace your intervals and use for off-day conditioning, so you don’t have to start all over again.

Plug these workouts into your routine today and take your conditioning to the next level, in half the training time.

Who said you can’t have fun and lose fat at the same time?

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Rock on,

Kate Vidulich, BSc, ACSM, CTT

Author of Fat Loss Accelerators

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