Can I Ask a Quick Favor?

The main reason I create blog posts, videos, and full-blown training courses, is to help you get the results you desire.

But – I always want to help more!  So this is where you come in 😉

I’d love to give you exactly what you want over the next few weeks … and the best way I know to do this is to simply ask you what you want.

So here is the favor I ask of you.  Can you take a quick moment to leave a reply to this post in the comments section below?  Just write one to three sentences about topics you’d love to see me cover, and what you’d love to know more about.

Then, if I get enough responses, I will make sure to cover those things. Sound cool?

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, CPT, RKC II

Please leave your feedback in the comments section below!!

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  • Eva

    More info on Cal needed to lose weight. Many studies now prove that exercise is only good for maintenance not weight loss. Maybe a sample diet for those that don’t cook, paleo menu, vegetarian menu, and one for those that like to cook.

  • Johnny Edwards

    I would like to see step by step instructions on how to perform kettlebell snatch correctly.

  • John

    More at home on our own workout tips would be great.

  • Mary

    Hi Forest. Just a quick thank you for all the helpful tips and videos you share regularly with us. It is so much appreciated!
    I am a 58 year young woman who considers KBs my training of choice. I would LOVE if you would speak more on exercises and workouts using dual bells. I have incorporated them in my training a little, but would love to learn more. Thank you.

  • More Turkish getups (and other core-based kettlebell movements)
    More Core based routines

    Less bear crawls 🙂
    Less running/relay (knee can’t handle it, so I’m being selfish here)

  • Terry

    Proper double kb swing techniques.?

  • Daniel

    More routines using 2 kettlebells.

  • tim

    Forrest- I love the help you give. Thanks for everything! I would love to see more nutrition and diet for fat-loss material for both men and women. Especially a full plan that will keep us healthy and help whittle away excess fat.

  • Cat

    – maintaining some sort of BW practice while injured where core could be maintained; maybe don’t have use of both arms or borh legs

  • Jim F.

    Serious fat burning KB workouts.

  • Kim

    I want to build a lot more muscle. I know muscle burns fat. I think my bell is too light. not sure how to know what i should be using. it’s 20lbs.

  • Greg Jackson

    Most of us are part time workout people and full time life people. Perhaps it would be helpful to give suggested quick workouts directed at working areas the following day that me might have abused the prior day. Such as if you spent the day painting, sanding a deck, or crawling around under your house, each type of activity would work a different areas your body and we tend to overwork and more often than slack on body mechanics when doing these repetitive tasks that we are not used to. Perhaps…Water skiing for the first time this summer. Could take the same approach for say a golfer who coming out of the winter…proactive approach. Thanks for your great work.

  • Gunther

    just love to see workouts (written down, nice to see video’s but I do like written versions). Just like the weekly programs from FVC. Love that one.

  • Roy Perry

    Any specific info on “engaging lats” or exercises that emphasize the lats.

  • BEV

    How often should I change workouts. I know you set challenges, so do we do them regularly til you publish the next one?

  • Jeanie

    I like having someone put together a plan. As a trainer and gtoup instructor I design plans for my clients and classes all the time. It is nice to just follow someone else’s plan every once and awhile. Thanks for posting

  • Hi Forrest 🙂 I would like to just keep seeing proper form for the exercises we do in boot camp so they can be mastered. Thank you so much. You are such a blessing to us. And you rock too. Gabrielle

  • SAL

    KB COmplexes!

  • Rehabbing stuff. I had a fibula which was out of place for example

  • Jeff

    Anything combining bodyweight and KB moves for those working out at home trying to get the most out of limited resources. Appreciate the level of content.

  • Manuel Cabrera

    Progressions (mobility drills) to do THE PISTOL Squat

  • Jan

    I’m a beginner and I’m concerned about getting technique down right the first time. Slow or stop motion vids or step by step by step illustrations for newbies would be helpful, especially the turkish get up – I’m not quite sure if I’m getting it right. I really appreciate what you’ve shared so far.

  • Michelle ralph

    Fixing your snatch, clean and swing. Nutrition. Thanks!!

  • Jimmy B

    I would like to second Mr. Edwards request for the proper snatch form instruction

  • Grady

    I would like to see kettlebell workouts for herniated disc in the lower back.

  • Tina

    How to recover from an injury or illness to get the strength and/or mobility back. Particularly in shoulders and abs. Thanks!

  • Gaz Sutcliffe

    Diet Plan
    KB exercises to help lower back pain
    Best single KB exercises to lose fat fast

  • Heather

    I love your site already. Come here first for new workout ideas. Just keep it coming! Thanks for everything you do!

  • Mike (UK)

    Hello Forrest

    I have 2 questions:
    As A soon to be 64 year old, who originally weighted in at 275 Lbs, and is now near my ideal weight, which is 210 Lbs.thanks to you. I would like to know if i can put on some muscle, so my first question is can you give tips how to do this using Kettle Bells. Can you give us tips on choosing Kettle bells. I am 6Ft 5 ins and i have a few back problems and i currently have 2 35 pound Bells and 1 45 pound Bell.

    Take Care Mate ( thanks again to you and your team)

  • mike

    Hi Forest,
    I agree most of the above requests, except the evidently childish once. Those will be way too much to cover. But progressions in all subjects are utterly important, including KB weight choice.

  • Lisa

    Combining kettlebells and barbells – hybrid workouts! Any ideas for setting up heavy lifts with the big compound movements and KB’s would be great.

  • Mike zapicchi

    I really find the workouts and tips on doing the exercises informative. Keep those sections going! Thanks for all the great info…I am a recent kettlebell convert ( 2 years) and have lost 50 lbs over those 2 years. Just have a few more to go…your blogging is a great positive affirmation!

  • Bill Scholder

    Hi Forrest,
    As Johnny Edwards requested, I would also like to see step by step instructions on how to perform a kettlebell snatch correctly.

    Could you provide your opinion on Burst Training?

    What are the steps required to add on some muscle?


  • brad

    How about using things like bands and other odd objects actually on kettlebells to workout. Example: Attaching kettlebells on end of barbells via bands to do curls.

  • Matt

    Good Evening Forest,

    I enjoy the at home workouts that you provide such as the one on July 19. Showing the various workouts (especially the full body workouts) are beneficial because they allow you to incorporate different items into your routine. I appreciate the work that you do.

    Thank you for your time.


  • Mel

    Specific exercises to firm abs more.

  • jamie

    I know you’ve covered these very well already and I should probably just review past videos, but the more I read and see about these topics, the more I worry i’m doing it wrong 🙁 so i’d like more tutorials on properly performing swings, cleans, and snatches. other than that, just ALL things kettlebell 😉 and thanks for all you do and have done already, you are very much appreciated 🙂

  • Greg Wood

    I’d like to see a beginner KB swing demo. With very detailed instruction, maybe even slow motion if you can.

    I tried swings a while back and felt a lot of discomfort in my left hamstring behind my knee. I was nervous about doing serious damage so I just stopped. The pain went away in about 2 weeks.

    Are there stretching moves I should do before doing KB swings?


  • Ruben M

    Would be nice of we did more pull ups in class to get better at that. Also I think it would be nice to do endurance strength workouts!

  • admin

    GREAT feedback so far everyone! Keep it coming!!

    – Forest

  • Bob Wieck

    Since I don’t have anyone around to help me with form, I would like more info on correct form

  • Perfecto Garcia

    I’m 57 years old. I would like to see some sample routines you have created for some of your older clientele.

  • Vanessa

    Good morning
    I would love to see workouts in illustrated form a picture with a description. I would also love to see a combination workout routine that could be accomplished at home that targets full body with KB and body weight.
    Thanks your site has helped me delve into kb and I am LOVING them.

  • Nickola

    Do you have any suggestions for using KB in the pool for a complete workout?

  • John

    Love working with KBs, but the TGU I find very challenging indeed – so anything you can do on this exercise will be much appreciated!

  • Marcy

    I know you know the secret to using belly fat – please share it! And how to recover from various injuries.

  • jason kolbo

    my thing would like see nutruiton on bulking up while staying lean and proper form so do not get injured by the kettle bell doing moves. other wise doing great job thank you

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