#1 Secret for an AWESOME Workout, Every Time

As I write this email, I’m just finishing up a great at-home weekend workout.

We have an outdoor basketball court at my house that doubles as a KB/body weight training area 😉 – and that’s where I cranked out today’s session.

Here’s what I did:

  • SMR/joint mobility/dynamic stretch (warm up)
  • 50 snatches w/ 24k ‘bell, as fast as possible
  • Superset – 15 suspension trainer inverted rows, 8 KB goblet lunges each leg – 3 rounds total
  • Body weight + jump rope “finisher”

The reason I’m sharing this with you, is that this little session got me to thinking … continually changing up your workouts is the #1 secret I could share with you, to help you get continually great workouts, every time.

HOWEVER – what’s different about my “spin” on this, than what you’ve probably heard before, is this –

I am NOT saying that you have to change up your exercises and entire routine every single workout.  In fact, doing that too much could actually be BAD, and actually slow down your progress.  But changing up WHERE you work out, what TIME OF THE DAY you do it, and the type of TERRAIN you train on (gym flooring, hardwood, grass, etc.) are a few examples of how you could stick with your current program, but mix things up in a fun and interesting and inspiring way.

For example – I work out inside most of the time at my gym in the middle of the day when we don’t have classes going. But I also do training sessions in the workout space I have set up in my garage, outside on the bball court at my house, or in the park across the street. I also run and ride my bike a couple of times per week around our neighborhood and surrounding areas.

Similarly, I like to change up the places where I work and write emails like this one for you. I write sometimes at my training studio in the office, but it’s also fun and inspiring to head to the downtown area (about a mile or so from my fitness center), find a new cool coffee shop, and write from there for an hour or two. Interestingly, in airplanes, I also do some of my best writing – when I am away from the internet and other distractions.

This is what keeps me going and keeps me inspired and excited for a lot of these things in life. And this is really my main message for you today. If your workouts have gotten stale, there are lots of ways to change them up. Frequently, you just think of changing your workout program. But try changing up the actual PLACE that you work out – go to the park, just do a walk or jog outside in nature – or even the time of day you train, or the type of terrain you work out on – and kick your training into a new gear!!

That’s it for today.  Would love to hear your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.  Train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, CPT, RKC II

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