Win a Free Copy of Kettlebell Challenge Workouts 2.0

Kettlebell Challenge Workouts 2.0 is coming very soon … and you can win a free copy!!

It’s an ALL NEW, bigger and better, VIDEO-based version of my original Kettlebell Challenge Workouts program – giving you EVEN MORE workouts that you can do any time, any place, with just a single kettlebell and your own body weight, and in 20 minutes or less.


The full program will be officially available in a few short days … and as we get the finishing touches of the delivery process ironed out, AND as a gesture of appreciation to you, a loyal reader, I’ve decided to give away two free copies of the program before I officially release it.

All you have to do to win your copy is leave a short message below on why you think Kettlebell Challenge Workouts 2.0 would be the perfect program to help you reach your ultimate kettlebell training goals.

Feel free to share your past and current struggles with training and in what specific ways a program like this one will help you get better results.

I’ll have my assistant go through and pick the best two comments so the contest is as fair as possible.  And all I’ll ask for is a little feedback from the winners after they’ve read through the program, watched the videos and tried the workouts themselves.

Leave a comment below to get entered to win … and keep an eye on your e-mail inbox to get first word of the Kettlebell Challenge Workouts 2.0 program’s official release!


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  • Tonya

    Because I am finding a way and not finding an excuse to be healthy and fit with Kettleball training 2.0. It would make me stronger and better than I can be without spending hours in the gym when I have a family to raise and limited time.

    Thank you,

  • gunther

    Short workouts just work best for me. At 44 years young with 2 very young sons and shiftwork (law enforcement).
    This gives me the opportunity to stay fit and still have time for my family.

  • Perfecto Garcia

    I’m working three jobs and don’t have time to go to the gym for an hour at a time to fit in a workout.
    The Kettlebell Challenge Workouts 2.0 sounds like what I need with the busy schedule I have.

    P. Garcia

  • It would force me to finally go out and get a kettleball…

  • Michele Heimann

    Love the workouts.. I’ve finally started seeing results with my workouts and the kettle bell workouts you provide have helped so much.. Thank you!!

  • Chris

    I love the workouts…I had to stop for a year because I went to Korea for the Army and didn’t bring my kb with me; now I have to get back into shape as only Forest’s workouts can! Thanks!

  • Andy

    Im 56 years old and started getting involved in kettle bells do to your free beginners workout. Im ready to be challenged. Short and sweet workouts is what I love. Thanks Andy

  • Anne Hutchinson

    Im 54 and Love kettlebells. Need new workouts for better results

  • Nick

    I work for myself and often find that I’m working 70+ hour weeks. The fact that I can have my kettlebell in the office and only have to find 20 mins in order to get a great workout means that I’ll have more time for my family.

  • Ilyse

    As a fitness instructor, I am always looking for new ways to challenge my students (and myself). Your kettlebell workouts combined with the bodyweight exercises are perfect. There is no need to do any traditional cardio. Just swinging a kettlebell around does the trick! Keep the great ideas coming!

  • Jamie

    This would be great for me. I am starting to add weights and kettlebell training to my workouts. This would be awesome. Thank you for the chance

  • Leinora N.

    Kettlebell 2.0 will bring my workout to the next level. I’m a full-time mom and I don’t have the luxury of going to a gym. I love kettlebells because it gives me a whole body workout with one piece of iron. I love KB.

  • James S.

    As a 53 y/o with family & full time job, recently gained a a lot of weight, due to temporary change in life situation (stopped working out, lots of fast food on the go). After clearing with the doc that its just weight gain, and not any kind of medical condition, goal was to lose 10 lbs (+) by the end of the year. I have a 24 kg and 16 kg that I’ve dusted off and started to use, butbut I’m raring to go with an intelligent kettlebell program to burn off this excess lard!!

  • Roy Perry

    I’m 75 years. About 3 years ago, I had significant back problems diagnosed as a misalignment of L4/L5 vertebrae. MD said, “do core work.” After some false starts, I found a KB and Posture Alignment instructor who worked miracles. KB’s are a regular part of my day now. The KB Challenge Workouts would provide a valuable addition to my repertoire.

  • Tina

    I am just coming off a 17 month, 7 surgery illness, reconstruction and recovery of my body and absolutely need to regain my strength and mobility. My goal to become an RKC in 2011 had to postponed due to my health issues and I have just been released from restrictions today…yea me!!! I plan to do the RKC in Chicago in October and I need to get wicked strong for it in a time-effective way. I work 2 jobs and absolutely do not have time to spend hours in the gym. Thanks for your consideration.

  • JP

    After finally recovering from having my a$$ kicked by a muscle disease it was time to get back to some serious training. It hasn’t been easy but Forest’s great training information has made it a bit easier and enjoyable. I’m sure the second workout set will be as enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding as the first.

  • Randy

    I love kettlebells and Forest’s workouts are innovative and fun. I’m HKC certified and my next goal is to become RKC certified. Meaning I need to work thru some shoulder and back injuries picked up in the service. FOrest’s workouts have helped me so much I can only believe that his new programs will push me further. And as a brand new father, short, intense workouts are exactly what I will need!

  • Linda Taylor

    I have recently loss a lot of weight. I have been using your workouts via your emails. At this time I use a 10 lb lb I am hoping to get up to a 15 lb lb… I am interested in your knew programe. Will this in an ebook, app, or video version? Good luck with the launch.

  • Rebecca

    Would really love to win the free copy!!

  • Gabriel

    Working with Kettlebells has changed my thinking regarding exercises in general. Not only is it a great cardio workout but also my strength overall has really improved, having a stronger core, losing weight and being able to work out in a short time are all pluses for me. Having the proper form to follow and develop into a regular routine has made me a believer in Kettle Bells. Thank you for the routines, tips and suggestions to add to my training.
    Looking forward to the next KB challenge workout 2.0!!
    Thanks again

  • yugo

    I am 75 years old and a fan of kettlebell workout. It is short but efficient and leaves me vigorous and energetic. I know I am in better shape than most of my friends my age or younger. I am stronger and my balance is better than they. Recently I had a college reunion, and my old friends were all amazed at how I look. I am very much interested in continuing this wonderful exercise system at an advanced level. Your system must be it.

  • Bob young

    I love short workouts & I learned to love kettlebells after my shoulder injury. Slowly getting stronger but it would be great to have this awesome resource to guide me

  • Andrew

    Hi I am just in the process of setting up a summer hockey bootcamp and i am looking forward to finally using some of your ideas I have enjoyed many of your ideas, good luck on the launch

  • Irina

    Good luck with the launch!

    Kettlebells are the best way to stay in shape. I wish more trainers incorporated them in their programs and classes. In the meanwhile, looking forward to 2.0.

  • l gibson

    I’ve always been interested in Kettle bells and inquired in a KB only gym where I live but felt that you had to be in great shape to begin with so I opted to work out with a personal trainer that didn’t offer KB. A KB workout has continued to be like an itch I want to scratch. It would be a perfect addition to my workout, I can do it at home and can continue to be a workout role model for my 7yr old twin boys.

  • Marianne

    As always looking for ways to not be bored, get stronger and be time efficient.
    I believe I would enjoy Kettlebell Challenge Workouts 2.0
    Thak you for all the information you provide.

  • Dan

    My workout program has stalled due to a new job, and many hours worked. I need a restart, and brief intense workouts appear to be the ticket. I am not one of those who can make up their own workout and Forest’s workouts are just what I need to kickstart my fitness.

  • Rick Martins

    This program would really benefit me being I am a certified personal trainer/certified kettlebell insructor who practices and trains with kettlebells day in and day out. I teach kettlebells to most of my clients and they love it. I am constantly educating myself, looking for new ideas, techniques and programs to try out for myself and be able to teach my clients! There is so much you can do with kettlebells and I’m willing to learn it all! I’m excited and looking forward to seeing what this is all about 🙂

  • Brian

    At 66yrs. I need a short quick program so I don’t get bored and quit, a good routine for the heart & lungs!

  • jamie

    I really enjoy kettlebells, it’s the first workout I’ve really loved. I want to learn more. I want to improve. I want to be the best that I can be.
    I enjoy your videos and emails, I enjoy how you speak and teach. I think I would definitely benefit from Kettlebell Challenge Workouts 2.0. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy. (fingers crossed !!!)

  • Angelina Robinson

    I would love a copy of your new kettlebell Challenge Workouts 2 as I am a trainer myself and I love to train my clients with Kettlebells. It is the best way to obtain good results and they are so much fun to use. It is always handy to have some new workouts as well to train myself and my clients so you don’t become to bored with your training.

  • Paige

    I’ll be 61 in two weeks. This would be a great birthday present that would enable my continued strength building and fat loss that began a year ago when I picked up my first kettlebell. Your website was the first kb site that got my attention and gave me great ideas for how to start my transformation. thank you so much, Forest.

  • Antonio Carlos Vieira Filho

    Honestly in the last few years I’ve been spending hundreds of dollars in fat loss programs,pills,diets,gym…Nothing seems to be working, I haven’t always been overweight, but after a house accident (I felt from a stair) and in consequence over a year doing physiotherapy and inactivy,plus I relaxed a looot with diet and re-started some bad habits – pizza and beer (not hypocrite!).Due to all that, now I’m 35 pounds overweight and 30% of body fat!It’s very depressing to be spending all this money and after sticking to a diet plan for months and after all you see almost no improvement. i have literally given up on loosing weight because i believe all those programmes do anything but help. I would really like to get a copy of your Kettlebell Challenge Workouts 2.0 because to be honest kettlebells are the only thing I’ve didn’t tried to fat loss and from what I study ’till now is almost injury free (I’ve got a little traumatized of not being able to workout) I think there’s no more perfect “guinea pig” to your program than me!
    Please help me!You’re my last hope to get rid of my belly fat and my man boobs!!Best regards,Antonio.

  • Really need fresh ideas on how to use kettlebell.

  • Michael

    I’m a 65 year old diabetic man. In addition to being diabetic I have other health issues that prevent me from doing very prolonged strenuous exercise like running, etc. I do some KB swings but would like a complete workout to help control my diabetes. this sound perfect for me.

    Thank you

  • admin

    Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has left a comment and entered the contest so far. So much great feedback from you all on your fitness goals, obstacles that have kept you from reaching them, etc. – which helps me help YOU more in the future!

    Keep ’em coming! We’ll leave the contest open for just a short while longer …

    – Forest

  • Michael

    Hi Forest,
    Have been working with kettlebells for the past three years – great opportunities with them. KCW 2.0 would give me a new dimension from the self-taught one used thus far – I enjoy working with them and am always looking to improve technique and strategy with them. Kettlebell work is never boring and are keeping me fit, balanced and weight-controlled. Now into my 70s 2.0, from your intro, sounds to be what is needed next!

  • shauna mc govern

    kettlebell training is best out there, I enjoy working with them every week and showing my clients what they can do with kettlebells to obtain brilliant results. I would love this new copy as its good to keep challenging myself and my clients with new training every week.

  • Robert Moller

    Since using Kettlebell training I lost 65 pounds and went from a wheel chair to walking with a walker to walking with a cane.
    I feel that with your program I can get back to walking normal.

  • Debbie Blankenship

    This would help with my workouts

  • Robert Moller

    Since using Kettlebell training I lost 65 pounds and went from a wheel chair to walking with a walker to walking with a cane.
    I feel that with your program I can get back to walking normal.
    I want to get into the best health of my Life

  • Joy s

    Kettle bell is awesome. Changes things up a bit, making every workout feel different! I never get bored, making it easier to stay on track! Love it!

  • Theo de Jong

    I’m Dutch, and you know what they say about Dutch people… We don’t like to spend our money at all…(That is why I leave this comment of course… It can save me some money ;-))
    The biggest money-saver for me however, is getting involved in Kettlebell training. I love it ánd it’s cheap. Forest provides me with good tips, tricks and workouts, also for free… I don’t think there is another way to become or stay fit, that is cheaper than Kettlebell training.

  • I’m all about getting MORE done in LESS time!

  • Gary

    It will give me the chance to fight against myself and not be judged by gym rats and posers only interested in themselves and making noise so everybody looks around to see how much they are lifting ( badly ) so I can get the body I want and spend more time with the family.

  • I’m a Type 2 diabetic, and can proudly say that I manage this condition 100% drug-free, thanks in large part to my kettlebell workouts! I’m a Devotee of Pavel and John’s Dragon Door kettlebells, as I think they’re the best quality bells on the market. Thank you!

  • Keith

    I have already had great success using your 10×10 Solution and Extreme KB Conditioning system. These challenge workouts should be perfect to help me continue to reach my fat-loss goals. Thanks.

  • Bob Wieck

    Im just starting to use kettlebells more and have really liked the workouts. Can’t wait to see more ideas

  • Heather

    I have re-discovered kettlebells after taking a break for a year. It’s been the best thing I’ve done in a long time. It has really improved my back and core. Always on the look out for new workouts to do! Would love to win this! Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    In it for the challenge

  • Dwight ashby

    In it for the challenge. If there is no struggle,there is no progress,
    Struggles and challenges brings results.

  • Chris

    This program would help me keep going and help me add new exercises to my routine to keep it fresh until I can afford to get back in the gym with you for bootcamp fun!

  • Barbara

    Love my kb’s, loved the training with Forest for a day but I live too far away for classes with him to be a habit. A dvd would put his training and voice in front of me to keep my incentive going – seeing is believing and doing!!

  • Sharon

    At 57 years plus I am always looking for new ways to motivate myself. Found kettlebells three years go and love them. Would love some new quick programs!

  • Version 1.0 changed my life – With kettlebells and clean eating, my waist is down almost ten inches in the past year.

    Now that I’m working 10 hours a day and going back to school, I could use some help kicking it up a notch.

  • greg

    just got Geoff Neuperts “Kettlebell Strong” and would like to compare

  • Tracy

    Made great strides with existing programs, but have reached a plateau in strength and fat loss. Ready to take it to the next level, Coach!!

  • Bob Sutter

    I love my kettle bells, I try to bring them out as much as possible, however it is unstructured and random. Having a structured plan and purpose will help bring me the fitness result my wife ANSI would both appreciate.

  • Colleen LaGasse

    Kettlebell workouts are just the thing I need to shake up my workouts and change things up. After 16 years of training, it is time to bring in some change! Also like to throw kettlebell moves into my workouts for some of the clients that I personal train.

  • Connie Dodd

    I have been doing kettlebells for about 3 years now. I have found a passion for them and am always looking for new ways to challenge myself with them. To get a copy of 2.0 Kettlebell Challenge workouts would just give me more reason to get even more excited about kettlebells. 🙂

  • Mark St. Marie

    As I get older, I have found kettle bells to an extremely effective workout. As a fire fighter they help with my strength and conditioning program

  • I’m 58 years old and completed P90X 2 years ago and Insanity last year, but both times I could not stay motivated to work that long and hard on a regular basis. This spring I did Insanity again but the results were disappointing. Then I discovered Kettlebells! Between the short intense workouts and the way my body is responding, I’m hooked! Starting on my 4th week and loving your straightforward instruction and the variety of your workouts. I’m looking forward to KB 2.0 and the challenge!

  • Jim

    Looking for a new challenge. My “gym” is outdoors wherever I happen to be parked(I’m a trucker). My ultimate goal is to get down to my maximum weight when I was in the army(184lbs). That was when i was in my early 20’s. when I started working out, I weighed 278. Today, at 52, I’m down to 231.

  • Kettlebells are a great way to tone muscles and I need to tone my muscles. Great cardio along with the weights.

  • I think your kettle bell challenge would be a fast way to keep in shape and achieve my athletic goals with minimum time.

  • alireza mohamadi

    it was tremendous way to biuld muscle basically and balancelly.

  • Judy

    I am always looking for a challenge. I’m 51. Last year I attempted my first Ironman, but along with that was battling an eating disorder. Skinny, but strong, my attempt failed. My endurance may have been there, but not my overall strength. I want overall strength. For me, not for Ironman. I’m working my way back. I love that kettlebells work everything in a short amount of time. It gives me less of an excuse to get myself back on track when I can do workouts that fit into a new and crazy schedule.

  • admin

    Thank you SO much to everyone who has entered the contest. What overwhelming response!!

    We will be going through the entries today have two winners announced very soon!

    – Forest

  • Gwen

    Bring on the challenge! I absolutely love training with kettle bells. They are my go to workout when I go camping – I always have them along. I have recently entertained the notion of testing for RKC so I have been on the look out for challenging workout to forward my progress. There is no better body composition tool out there!

  • Sam

    I have recently started using kettlebells to work out. I am really enjoying it. I only know a few exercises and don’t have much of a real progression routine. I really want to learn more, kettlebells are one of the first styles of exercise I actually follow. Im starting to see results and I DONT WANT TO STOP NOW!!! Please help me reach my goals and stay healthy and fit!

  • Nick Hazlett

    I have learned a lot from the variance in the program and use many of the exercises to help my co-workers on their self improvement with your help. Thank you.

  • Alex Leuchtenberg

    Kettlebells are just picking up here in Germany ! It is not easy convincing folk that this all body workout can solve a lot of misfits if applied correctly. Back & Shoulder problems / General fitness/ Wheight loss / Strength & conditioning building / Muscle gain / endurance, supports and assist all other sports such as cycling , running , combat sports and so on. The key is core strength !
    To be used as stand alone training or compensation for one sided sports. And all this in 20 min or less few times a week. This program should/will help get the message across.

  • Don

    I am really glad that I decided to give kettlebells a try. I realize now that I simply like compound exercises a lot better, and just feel that my whole body is benefiting (core, lower back, legs and knees). I am looking forward to bringing it to the next level. The efficiency is also really important for me due to how demanding my job is, combined with trying to keep up with a very active 11 year old son. I like the fact that when I am not having my best day, I can still get at least a reasonable work out in, and when I am feeling good then I can go for it and easily push myself hard. It’s also great getting cardio at the same time.

  • wills

    well to tell the turth I have never used kettle bells have seen them at the
    gym and people using them but has never come to mind to use them
    as im old school and use db bb but using kettle bells has been in the back of my mind for last couple of months although I do have great core strength
    I guess using kbs would add something different to my workout dont get
    me wrong I do have variety in my workout just not with kbs and if I win this
    book I will show you on video that i will send to you my 1st kb workout
    that you have in the book

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