Seen This Yet? (MY daily diet)

The most important part of any diet plan? Your ability to stick with it for a long period of time.

No matter how “ideal” a meal plan might be for reaching your fitness goals, if you can’t actually do it, day in and day out – it won’t work for ‘ya!

I thought I’d share with you how I eat every day as an example of a solid, healthy and do-able diet plan … this diet keeps me relatively lean year-round (around 12% body fat – if I’m trying to get really lean, I’ll tighten things up a bit – but that’s for another post) … and, most importantly, I can stick to it for the long term.

NOTE: If you’re going to use this as a model for your own eating plan, keep in mind that I’m a pretty big guy (I weigh about 245 pounds) … so you’ll need to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the portion sizes (the average person would have to cut these portions roughly in half):


2 whole eggs OR 1/2 cup cottage cheese
1 cup steel cut oats
1/4 cup blueberries or strawberries
1 scoop protein powder
15 almonds

AM Snack

Protein bar + 1 small apple OR 2 scoops protein powder mixed w/ 2 tbsp peanut butter and 1 banana


4 oz tuna OR 3 oz turkey + 1 oz cheese
1 tbsp light mayo
2 pieces Ezekial bread
1/2 cup baby carrots

PM Snack

Protein bar + 1 small apple OR 2 scoops protein powder mixed w/ 2 tbsp peanut butter and 1 banana


5 oz lean chicken/fish/steak etc.
15 tbsp brown rice OR 1 large yam
Lots of green veggies (min 2 cups) like broccoli, spinach, etc. OR a big salad

I also take the following nutritional supplements every day:

Fish Oil
Pre-workout creatine product (I’ll cycle this on for about six weeks and off for two or three)

Additional Notes:

  • I follow the ’90/10′ eating rule (I follow this plan 90% of the time and eat what I want, within reason, 10% of the time. This means out of the 35 meals that I eat each week, I eat whatever I want for 3-4 of those meals).
  • I try to drink 1/2 of my body weight in ounces of water each day … for me, that equals about a gallon
  • Three or four nights a week, I’ll have a glass of red wine with dinner
  • I also typically have a cup of coffee (black) with breakfast

This diet keeps me in good shape year round and I love it. I think it’s so important to select and design a meal plan that’s not only healthy, but one that you can actually stick with for the long term as well. I hope it gives you some good ideas for your own meal planning … keep training hard and train smart!!

Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

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  • Matthew

    This is great! Just curious…which protein powder do you like to use?

  • admin

    Hey Matthew –

    I personally like Muscle Milk as of late (more of a MRP I guess really). Tastes AWESOME and has a solid nutritional profile.

    Hope that helps!


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